Netflix. That one, hooking network that keeps you up at night, “one more episode, one more episode.” Netflix is an addictive website.

For all of you living under a rock, Netflix is a website that lets you stream a variety of shows, and it is taking over the world. There are other things like this, such as Hulu, but since Netflix has more shows and more social popularity, Netflix still has the most viewers. Because Netflix is so socially known, it has more people watching their shows. Everybody is watching Netflix, posting about Netflix, so Netflix is the “cool” thing. Hulu? Amazon? What’s that? Netflix is what the popular people are watching. Because of this media boost, Netflix is the most favored network.

Another reason Netflix is the most addictive site is because of the automatic play. Whenever you finish an episode of a TV show, you might want to stop. But when thinking about whether or not to play the next episode, Netflix automatically plays the next episode after 15 seconds. The second you see the start of the next episode, your mind relaxes. ‘Since I’m already watching, might as well keep watching.’ 

Netflix is a disease, and there is no cure. Netflix is addictive.

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