STAAR Testing

Recently at our school, we took the STAAR tests. If you are not from Texas and don’t know what that is, it’s basically a state exam that gives you four hours to answer a giant packet of questions. This year, we had to do the writing STAAR tests (you do it in 4th grade, 7th grade…) in which you are given a prompt and are supposed to write an essay.

This year, the prompt was *I’m sorry I don’t know if this is legal so I’m not going to put this in*. Obviously, it was quite difficult, and I had quite a bit of trouble with it. I ended up using the girl from hidden figures, and wasn’t sure if the facts were true but whatever. If I get a good grade, I will be a happy camper.

The best part of STAAR testing is the candy. Sour patch kids, kisses, a plethora of assorted gummies! Also, your parents can’t complain because you have sit and take a test for four hours! I would sit there and gorge myself on candy whenever I felt stressed on the test.

The STAAR test is difficult. But with the right tools, its not that bad.

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