Camp out

I am going on a backpacking camp out this weekend with my Girl Scout troop. I have been researching lots of different camping equipment lately, and its oddly enjoyable. Whenever I have free time, I will go looking for the best backpack, or the most durable water bottle. Click here for a list of some of the best camping supplies.

There will be a lot of walking involved, so I’m bringing my fitbit with me. I am so excited to get a lot of steps in! We are hiking two miles just to get to the campsite from the car, and will definently be hiking more after that. I think that spending a night away from civilization will be really eye opening, and I am so thrilled!

We are sleeping in three tents; two girls in each tent. I think that having one camping buddy will be really great for bonding, and I love making new friends! This camp out is going to be great!


  1. Kristi, that sounds so much fun!! I went camping once when I was really little and was squished with 5 people in 1 small tent, so it wasn’t very enjoyable but your experience sounds so much fun!! So lucky!!

  2. Hi Kristi! That camp out sounded like a lot of fun! I go camping a lot with my sisters and dad and it’s really fun! Did you get a lot of steps on your Fitbit? I hope you had lots of fun!!!

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