the family with one jew

Katy tiptoed quietly down the rickety staircase, her dainty feet barely touching each creaky step. She fingered her small Star of David necklace hanging on her neck. As she got more confident, a sudden croak in the stairs made her voice catch in her throat. She stopped, then listened to the hushed voices of her parents.

“Did you hear something?”

“Yeah.. probably just the cat.”

Katy sighed in relief, finally bring able to breathe again. Pressing her ear to the wall, she concentrated on the words ushered out of her father’s lips.

“You know Jules, if we keep waiting they won’t be safe.”

“I know.”

They both went silent.

“We can take—”



“I said no, Tom. Isn’t that enough?”

“The Nazi’s are hunting us down and you just want to… stay?” he said, hurt.

“Keep your voice down!”

“Who’s listening!”

The house went quiet again.

Father took a big breath. “Very well. We’ll wait.”

“We’ll wait.”

I couldn’t see my mother’s expression, but I knew it was not a smile. I glanced up at my little brother’s bedroom, and I knew I couldn’t let my family suffer for my mistakes. With a last look at my living room, I creep up to my bedroom one last time.

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  1. I love the tension and the atmosphere! On the other hand, it does seem a tad odd that there’s a family with one Jew, especially as Judaism is a religion, which is rarely split in families.

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