My Open Letter

An Open Letter to Jeff Kaplan

Dear Jeff Kaplan,

Your new game Overwatch is one of the hit new games, racking up thousands of viewers on Twitch while also being one of the youngest games on that list. I’m not I saying the game is perfect, it’s far from it, but you’ve built a solid base for things to come and for the game as a whole, but their are some major things that need to be fixed right now!

1. More Event Related Content

I know that you keep hearing this everywhere you look, but you need to add more event related content! What I’m saying here is that except for the Blackwatch Skins, Talon Skin, and the event Zenyatta skin, all the other skins have been lacking quality. You should really let those Hanzo skins out soon for a Hanamura type of event, because you added Hanamura in Heroes of the Storm. Also add a crippled Genji skin, it needs to look like what Genji looked like right after his battle with Hanzo. Just add more event skins, I’ll even be happy with a Tracer one right now. Just add more skins!

2. More Heroes and Maps

You need to fill the time between heroes with maps and not just events. I knew the community is okay with the events, but Overwatch has really been lacking on the map department. Eichenwalde came out at around Blizzzcon 2016, and Oasis came out at ten beginning of the year. That gap was about 2 to 3 months, and it been about 2 to 3 months since Oasis and we still haven’t gotten a new map. I know Doomfist is rumored to come out on the Overwatch anniversary, May 24, 2017, but can you at least release a map with Doomfist. Oh yeah, the Doomfist problem. We need more heroes, and why did you let us hype up Doomfist for almost 1 year now. It would be a suitable conclusion for Doomfist to be released on the anniversary of Overwatch, but if you don’t release him then then, you’ll have a lot of negative community feedback. So please just consider adding more maps and heroes faster, in Overwatch.

3. Make a Team Que

Overwatch really needs a team que. You can see that ques of more than 2 or 3 are being punished severely with who they are playing. You really need to add the type of team que that they have in MOBAs, so 6 stacks can play a better type of game. Advantages of team ques is that the team que will let people play with their friend without having to worry about the disadvantages of playing in the normal que mode. And you should also maybe make ques for the different kind of stacks, just throwing that out there. The team que will really advance the competitive scene of Overwatch.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

This year the 7th and 8th grade band, orchestra, and choirs are going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I’m really excited for this trip because, I’ve never been to Six Flags before.

I have motion sickness so I can’t ride the big, scary, dropping rides at Six Flags. In Six Flags I will ride the smaller roller coasters and do some of the other non roller coaster types of rides. I’ll also have to do a performance that day, but after that I’ll be able to spend approximately 6 hours at the park. It will be really fun to see what kinds of rides and attractions Six Flags has to offer.

I’all be going in a group because it’s mandatory to do so. I’ll be going with three of my band friends and one of my friends in choire. Two of the people in my group also have the same fear of roll coaster’s. When the other two people, that like roller coasters, want to ride a big one the other three of us will ride a smaller, less scary one. I can’t wait to see what kinds of ride I will be able to do and if I’ll ride a really big coaster.

Six Flags will be an amazing experience and a fun adventure for me to have. Side note we also have no adults walking around with us. YES!


I will be playing CS:GO for the first time on my new gaming PC. I can’t wait to try to do my first 360 no scope. CS:GO will be one of the best games I have ever played.

In CS:GO you collect weapon skins. Some weapon skin is the game cost thousands of dollars. I cant wait to trade my first skin or go buy a really cheap one. The skin system is unique because in most games you don’t have to buy the skins, but you earn them out of crates, chests, or boxes. This will be really important to me because I really like a lot of customizability. The  CS:GO skins will be awesome.

These are some of the reasons I like the Counter Strike Franchise. Counter Strike Global Offensive will be and amazing game to play.

Spring Break

During Spring Break I will be able to do things that I can’t normally do during the school year.

The first thing I can do is sleep in. During the school year I have to go to sleep at 10:00 and wake up at 7:30. During breaks I can sleep at 11:00 and wake up at 10:00. This will be better than my normal sleep schedule because I will be less tired than I would be on a normal school day. Sleeping in will be a very good thing for me

The second thing I can do is play more video games. During the school year I am not allowed to play a lot of video games during the week. I usually play 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, but during breaks I can basically play an endless amount within reason. This will be good for me because I will get to have a lot more fun. Playing more video games will be a lot more fun.

These are some reasons why I look forward to Spring Braek every year. I can wait for the next vacation period.

Humans Going To Mars

Did you know that Mars is a planet in space. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on Mars. Well read this article and you’ll find out.

Mars is a the 4th planet in the solar system and is a red planet. Mars is the only planet that is completely red. It’s the 4th planet which means it is right next to Earth. Did you know that humans made up aliens called: Martians. Martians were made up to be green aliens with big heads and big black eyes.Mars has a very deep history of human creativity and proven scientific facts

Humans have sent drones to Mars and are making a rocket ship that will take humans all the way to Mars. It’s in development and NASA it’s one of NASA’s biggest projects ever. When humans reach Mars it will be and ev n bigger deal than when humans to there firs steps on the moon. Once we get to Mars we will be able other set metals and what little ground water it has, but befor we do that we will probably have scientists look more closely to see if there are any aliens on Mars. Then if there isn’t we gen get all of the Martian metals and maybe even fossil fuels so we won’t have to completely deplete our plantes fossil fuels.

Mars has been a dream to walk on ever since we discovered it. Now science is nearing it point of walking on Mars. Let’s hope we can get to Mars within the next 20 years.


Why Overwatch is Good

Overwatch is a really good game that has a diverse hero pool and multiple game modes. If you come from an FPS, MOBA, or you like both genres Overwatch is the game for you.

Overwatch combines both the MOBA factors in the way with a hero pool and abilities instead of a lot of guns, and the FPS genre with its inclusion of 23 different kinds of guns and weapons. I think the MOBA aspect is good because you can draw in League of Legends fans and add some uniqness to the game. Having the FPS genre will make it run with some of the most popular video games in the world and draw FPS fans in. If you like MOBAs FPS’s or both Overwatch is the game for you.

Overwatch comes with a competitive game mode that many of the top video games have. The competitive game mode has 8 different ranks in which you doi your placement matches to get your rank and then you can climb up ranks by winning games. You can also get a golden gun if you win enough games and get enough competitive points. If you’re looking for a one of kind game mode Overwatch is the game for you.

There are no games that are identical to Overwatch out there. Some of them are FPS’s some are MOBAs, but none are Overwatch and non are a combination of both.

Super Bowl LI

I am really excited for Super Bowl LI. My favorite team the Patriots are playing the Falcons in this years Super Bowl. The Flacons have a better  offense, but the Patriots have a better defense.

The Patriots and the Falcons have a good quarterback matchup in Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan. Brady was suspended for the first 4 games of the season. Their running back matchup up is also pretty even with LeGarrette Blount and Devonta Freeman. Their wide receiver matchup is really hard to describe because the Flacons have been riding Julio Jones for receiving yards, but the Patriots have better all around receivers

The Patriots were doing well at the beginning of the season when they didn’t have Tom Brady. They also had Julian Edelman who was a really good receiver this season. They also did well even without Rob Gronkowski.

The Falcons are the suprise team that made it to the Super Bowl. They beat good teams like the Cowboys and Packers in the playoffs. A lot of people want the Falcons to win because they think the Patriost are cheaters.

All in all I think that this Super Bowl will be a good one. I also can’t waits to see some funny commercials. After the Patriots win I can’t wait to be so happy.


Winter Break

I went to Minneapolis over winter break for a family gathering, and I was happy. When I got there all my cousins were already there.

The next day we all went snow tubing and we had a blast. The hills were very steep so it was exhilarating. On day two we decided to go to Mall of America. There I rode 100ft slide and climbed and obstacle course 50ft up in the air. I also rode a couple of roller coasters there.

In conclusion I liked the trip and enjoyed seeing my family. I can’t wait for next year so I can go to another family gathering.

My Haiku 2.0

Roses are roses

Violets are violets

Poppies are poppies

Author’s Note: I wanted to write this poem from the line “Roses are red.” I also just thought that I wanted to write about flowers. I also wanted my post to be very literal this week.


My Poem

The Lion Is Hungry

The lion prowled in the prairie
The lion is always looking scary
The lion jumped up on the rock
The lion sent all the little gazelles into shock

The lion’s bloodied diamond fangs jut out
The lion has a big cut around its snout
The lion’s teeth curl in a sneer
The lion’s face goes up in jeer

The lion returns to the den
The lion sees a freshly killed hen
The lion waits in a line to get his fill
Waiting to get a taste
of that fresh killed, kill

All the other lions are stuffed
They all pass out in a huff
One lion is still standing
That lion is very demanding

The lion wants more food
The lion doesn’t want food that’s been chewed
The lion is steady
The lion is ready

The lion embarks
The lion goes to the forest of Chembark
There the lion meets a boar
The lion is being taken to the boar’s door

The lion is waiting
The lion is waiting
for his hunger to finish satiating
The lion then jumps
The boar falls into a clump

The lion has finished eating
The lion’s belly has taken a beating
The lion returns from where he’s been
The lion falls asleep in his den

Author’s Note

I took some of my own advice and I changed some words around and used better rhyming. I added some more descriptions and I didn’t repeat the last sentence in 5th stanza like I did in the first draft of the poem. From this poem I want my reader to see that it’s okay to be different and that you can do your own things.