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Why I Miss Illinois

I miss my home town Illinois because my family lives there in a little town called buffalo grove it is a suburb of Chicago in Illinois.

I liked Buffalo Grove because on the forth of July, my mom and I always went to this carnival. It was the best! The carnival always had the scariest rides, ooh those rides were scary! But they had the best food at the carnival. I LOVED the funnel cakes especially the powdered sugar on it!

I’m glad I’m going back today!

I Almost Drowned

So, I almost drowned it wasn’t fun. This is how it all went down…

So I was in my bikini and I went in the pool it was freezing cold, the pool heater wasn’t working but my cousin and I went in the pool, I started swimming with him and then I started going under the water.

I’m not that good of a swimmer, so I was trying to grab ahold of something. That didn’t work. So then I grabbed ahold of my cousin, then I think I was drowning him! oops… I was scared for my life, he was yelling at me, I was shouting for help… Of course he didn’t help me… All he did was try to drown me some more!

So after all of the that drama I cried like a stupid baby. Hey! I was scared! So that is how I almost drowned!

prized possession

When I was little I had a little stuffed animal that was a little bear its name was hunny bunny.

It had the most cutest yellow gold fur that was so beautiful, it also had very cute brown hazel eyes that glittered and twinkled in the light.

When I played with it made me feel loved and peaceful

that’s why i love my hunny bunny!

pixabay CC0

pixabay CC0


People wear masks in different ways.

Some masks actually cover your face. A baseball player might wear a catchers mask to protect his face. Sometimes people wear invisible masks to hide their emotions like if they are sad they pretend like they are happy.

Sometimes I wear a mask to hide my emotions as well.