What I’m doing this weekend

This Friday I am going to hopdoody with my wyldlife group. It’s our last time to hand out before summer and we are going to have so much fun! We are going to walk around and take some pictures and just hang out.

Then on Saturday I am going to relax at my house and make some more jewelry to seek to people! I started my beading company 2 weeks ago and it’s going really well.

On Sunday I will go to church and relax because we have a no homework weekend so I don’t have to do any homework on Sunday!

Since we don’t have school on Monday my mom will probably take off work so we can go do something fun.

Seventh Grade Reflection

Our seventh grade year is almost over. Some of us had a great year full of ups, but some people had a challenging year.

I am on of those people who had many challenges this year. It’s hard to keep you grades up with other activities and a social life. Now that I have added Spanish to my schedule it’s hard to keep all other 4 core subjects at an “A”.

When I try to focus on a class I’m not doing as well in the other classes drop a couple of points. Then I have to really focus in all of my classes so they don’t drop more. Homework starts to pile up and there always seems to be another test around the corner. Some days I have 3 test! This adds a lot more stress to my life.

So my seventh grade reflection is stress. Not every day has the same amount of stress, but as the end of the year comes closer every day the stress piles up.

The Fox

His body was slender
And sleek
And fiery orange
And he passed a tree
He turned,
And leaped at a mouse
It was dead within seconds
And I saw the sharp row of teeth
And a flash of his tail
And eyes of glaring red
Clam and narrow and slit
Then he was gone
Deep in the woods
Running without a sound
He ran— That strange mammal
Slender, sleek, fiery orange
Part killer, part vulture ,
Part neither— for his blood was warm.

Inspired by ” The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt


Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

By Daniel Groves 

A stay of execution: one last day,
your day, old Everydog, then, as they say,
or as we say (a new trick to avoid
finalities implicit in destroyed),
you have to be put down, or put to sleep
the very dog who, once, would fight to keep
from putting down, despite our shouts, a shoe
until he gnawed it to the sole, and who
would sit up, through our sleepless nights, to bark
away some menace looming in the dark.

Can you pick up the sense of all this talk?
Or do you still just listen for a walk,
or else, the ultimate reward, a car?—
My God, tomorrow’s ride . . . Well, here we are,
right now. You stare at me and wag your tail.
I stare back, dog-like, big and dumb. Words fail.
No more commands, ignore my monologue,
go wander off. Good dog. You’re a good dog.
And you could never master, anyway,
the execution, as it were, of Stay
This poem really puts the end of life in a dogs perspective. I love how the Poet used lots of different punctuation for pauses and closing punctuation. I hope you loved reading this short and sweet poem as much as I did. If you want me to post more animal poems comment below!

Three Tourist Attractions in Austin, TX

Austin is a wonderful city home to many unique places. If you’re into quirky food, weird people, and crazy art, this is the place for you.

1. Austins Greeting Wall


Greetings from Austin

This wall is a great place to take pictures and admire. Even though there are tons of places to take pictures this one is great to send to people while you are traveling!

2. The Capitol Building


The Austin Captiol

Not only is the Capitol a beautiful place, but it’s also named the biggest Capitol in the U.S. I highly encourage you to go in and look up at the never ending celling. You wont regret walking around a lot, because its fascinating.



3. Town Lake


Town Lake 

Town Lake is a great place to walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. not only can you walk along the side of the lake, you can also go stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. You definitely want to visit this spot while you visit.

All images downloaded from Pixabay. Pixabay CC0


The fun bario

Okay, so the first nine weeks of Spanish I was in a bario (bario means neighborhood in English) with Cristóbal, Carolina, and Jorge. We never called ourselves, “The fun bario,” but everyone else called us that. When we sat in our bario we would talk A LOT, but we still got all our work done on time.

In the fun bario we had this joke that I–Lara was the uncle to a cricket, Cristóbal–the aunt, Carolina–the father, and Jorge was the mother. We loved our little guy, but he wasen`t supposed to be in the school. We had a decision to make; should we take him outside, or kill him? The cricket was soon crushed by his own mother… Jorge. Now her is in cricket heaven with all the other dead crickets.

I hope this blog post doesn’t sound like we are crazy, because the fun bario was the best bario there was/ will ever be. We keep on hoping that for the last nine weeks Sra. Craft will let the fun bario we come back together, but we know it won’t happen.

Book Review

Hey Y’all!

I’m reading a new book called “The Siren” by Kiera Kass. The Siren is about a girl named Kahlen who is in a shipwreck. While the others are drowning (that sounds really weird but oh well) she is rescued from drowning by sirens. To repay the sirens, she has to spend the next 100 years as a siren. She won’t age a single year, month, day, hour, or even minute while she serves as a siren.

80 years later Kahlen meets a boy named Akinli. Handsome, caring, and kind, Akinli is everything Kahlen could ever wish for. Even though she can’t speak to him, (can’t speak because he will go under a trance) they find a way to communicate.

Falling in love with a human breaks all the rules or being a siren, but Kahlen will risk anything to be with Akinli .

I hope this make you want to read The Siren more! I’ll tell you more once I finish the book.

Healthy Tips

I have 3 healthy tips for everyone that are simple, yet affective.

1. Try it cut back on the sweets.
Too much sugar can make you gain weight, and sweets have a ton of sugar in them. To make sure you aren’t eating too much sugar look at the nutrition to see how bad the candy is for you. Seeing how much sugar is in the candy might give you second thoughts about eating that sweet!

2. Limit the snacking.
Snacking is a big reason people gain weight. When you’re bored you will eat, but you aren’t even hungry. The constant snacking will make you full and then you won’t be hungry for your next meal, which probably has more healthy nutrition than a snack food does. So next time you go for another snack, trade it out for a water. Now that brings me to my next tip…

3. Drink more water.
Drinking water is probably the most important, because your body is ~60% water. Water also plays a big part in hunger. Sometimes when you think your hungry you might actually just need some water! So remember that water is most important, and you need lots of it!

I hope these 3 healthy tips come in handy the next time you grab a bag of candy, pull out a snack, and don’t drink water!


Stress is a big part of middle school and high school. Once you get out of elementary school they load you with so much work.

Grades are a big part of stress also. If you get a bad grade on something you will be so mad at your self. I have experience with stress over grades, sometimes I even cry over grades. I know school has gotten has gotten harder over time, but when my mom was in school it wasen`t that hard. She says she would never go to the schooling we go through because it is so much harder.

Stress also builds up if you have after school activities. When you have activities after school that gives you less time to finish homework and more time to stress. Stress can make you stay up really late because you didn’t have time to finish your homework, so the next day you will get more stressed because you are tired.

Stress is a very BIG part of life, and it shouldn’t take over our lives.

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is an amazing show about a boy named Scottt. Scott gets turned into a werwolf and faces many challenges. I don’t want to spoil the show, so I won’t tell much of the important stuff.

Once Scott gets turned into a werwolf he meets a beta named Derrick. Derrick takes Scott under his wing to train him to contain his abilities. Scott soon realizes it’s hard to keep his abilities under raps in high school. Scotts best friend Styles soon figures to about Scott and helps him with full moons, and every day struggles of being a werwolf.

I really love this show and highly recommend you watch it. The first 5 seasons are on Amazon prime! The newest season (5.2) is on regular tv, so eventually it will go on Amazon prime. I hope you watch this show, because trust me. You will love it

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