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About a week ago I went to get a Halloween costume at Party City (its a place for party/Halloween stuff), and I asked if there where any cosplay costumes. Well of course the staff-person had no idea what I was talking about, so I had to explain it. I know some people don’t know these fandom terms, so this post is to explain them.

These are some of the most used terms I’ve heard so far.

Fandom– Fan kingdom/ Fanatic Domain

Cosplay– dressing up as someone or something from a TV show, book etc. and acting like that person.

Fangirling– The state someone is in while over reacting about something fandom related

Fangirl/Fanboy– refering to someone in a fandom

Feels– A term used while fangirling


These are only a few of the many, and most people, sometimes even the ones not in a fandom, already know this stuff.

nine daleks
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Johnson Cameraface via Compfight

If there is anything I got wrong please tell me so I can change it!

So, are there any terms that I didn’t explain that you would like defined? 



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  1. Anything left out? Hmmm…how ’bout “squee”? My own girls and their tumblr blogs taught me that one 🙂

    My favorite is “fangirling,” which I recognize as the perfect name for what I have done over Star Trek for four decades. There just wasn’t a name for it back then!

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