Night Owl 4-Ever

Anyone who knows me might know that I can’t stay up late talking or moving around, but I could stay up until 12:00 reading a book or something. But even if I do go to sleep early, I still wake up late, and when I do wake up early, the mornings are almost terrible. My brother is an early bird and wakes up way before me. During the night I study, if I have a test the next day, because for some reason I don’t concentrate as well when I study during the day. Once over the weekend I slept in until 12:00 in the afternoon! It was such a surprise to me that when I went upstairs I didn’t believe that it was 12:00 even though my family was telling me that it was.
Luna Venere e Giove su Palermo
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Carlo Columba via Compfight

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  1. I love to stay up late reading, too…usually ’til about midnight or midnight-thirty. I want to savor that time when I KNOW I won’t be interrupted by family needs. The house is asleep, and I can read/think/daydream to my heart’s content.

  2. I love reading, and really the only time I can it the night. I wish I could read until 12:00. Unfortunately, my parents don’t let me. I love staying up late and sleeping in. That is basically my brother, too.

  3. I can use the computer into the night, but reading at night makes me tired even if it is a good book. It just lulls me to sleep. They say that the blue light from devices keeps us up, which is not good if one has to get up early!

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