My Family

If you all didn’t know, I’m participating in the Student Blogging Challenge for 2015! Activity 2 is to write a post about your family, so here I am.

Like most family’s, my family has our disagreements. For example, I’m sure that if my brother, Tate, and I had the chance we would be eating desserts all day; but of course my parents won’t let that happen. I’m also the only one in my family who is in a fandom, so they don’t exactly understand fangirling, but oh well. My brother especially gets annoyed when I say the word “Doctor” and then follow it up with “Who” and then he generally just drops out of the conversation.

My little bro, Tate. It seems like he has a billion friends and he invites one of them over every day (I’m not complaining). He also loves hunting. His hobby is collecting skeletons of animals, especially deer skulls and antlers. He is like the clown of the family, he’s so funny!


My parents are awesome. They respect the fact that Tate and I like hunting, most likely because most of my mom’s side of the family are all hunters and live on a ranch. Anyway, my mom is a stay-at-home mom; she is also a great artist. My dad sells houses for a living and likes to read books when he’s not working.

F- Fascinatingly Frustrating

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  1. Ahh we all experience those varied F A M I L Y emotions. May we continue to be a bright light for each other, and may our family strive for balance in our endeavors and blossom in our sense of wonder. It’s just what the “Doctor” ordered! Love, LuCinda (Mom)

  2. What a wonderful family, and a wonderful post about each member of it! Love the avatars 🙂 You highlighted interesting qualities about your family, and your love for them shows in your writing. Well done.

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