Since Christmas 2014…

Activity 1 was the FreeRice.Com sign up, and I’ve already done that, so here is Activity 2: writing about celebrations I have taken part in since Christmas 2014!

Some of the events I have taken part in (actually participating, other than a day off from school)  since Christmas 2014 are:

Epcot - Reflections of a New Year

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New years Eve- This celebrated the beginning of the new year (2015). During New Year’s I was at my Uncle’s house hanging out with relatives until around 10:00 pm. My family then went to my grandma’s house to watch the New York ball drop thing that airs every year on that day. After that I stayed up a bit past 12:00 pm and texted all my friends “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!” To which only a few of them actually responded.


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Ash Wednesday- Where us Christians give up something (candy, electronics, something that you have or use that is bad for you or something you think you should stop doing) for 46 days (until Easter). I had said that I would eat LESS snacks between meals which I believe that I have done a good job with.

Shamrocks and Ferns

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St. Patrick’s Day- This celebrates St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. To celebrate I went out of my way to wear green so that no one would pinch me.

Since there aren’t very many holidays after Christmas 2014 until now I don’t exactly have a lot to write about, but the ones I just listed are the more memorable ones; excluding most of the holidays when we had a day off between Christmas and now because I didn’t exactly “celebrate” those. Thanks for reading!





Every one reading this is guilty of gossiping. You, your friend, even people that you barely even know. Whether its something that will make the recipient feel better about themselves or something that will make the recipient feel bad, its still gossip.


According to Wikipedia there are four types of power that are influenced by gossip:

  • Coercive: when a gossiper tells negative information about a person, their recipient might believe that the gossiper will also spread negative information about them. This causes the gossipers coercive power to increase.

  • Reward: when a gossiper tells positive information about a person, their recipient might believe that the gossiper will also spread positive information about them. This causes the gossipers reward power to increase.

  • Expert: when a gossiper seems to have very detailed knowledge of either the organization’s values or about others in the work environment, their expert power becomes enhanced.

  • Referent: this power can either be reduced OR enhanced to a point. When people view gossiping as a petty activity done to waste time, a gossipers referent power can decrease along with their reputation. When a recipient is thought of as being invited into a social circle by being a recipient, the gossipers referent power can increase, but only to a high point where then the recipient begins to resent the gossiper

The coercive type of gossiping in my mind is a form of indirect bullying. Of course, that’s only my opinion and only if you are talking bad about someone (see coercive above). In fact, I bet that most of the teenage girls reading this gossiped (in a bad way) about someone today at lunch.  Remember the last time you ever gossiped about someone in a bad way. Now how would that person react if they heard you? How would you react? Would you say that you weren’t talking about that person? Even if you succeed at getting out of this awkward moment the person that you where gossiping badly about might start thinking of ways that they could change things about themselves to fit in better or something else. So in conclusion, don’t gossip badly about someone!


There is  also the good type of gossip, the one that makes people feel better. Now I know that when you gossip about someone you usually don’t want that person to hear what your saying. But if you say something good about someone and what you say spreads and eventually that person hears it, that person will feel better about themselves. It might even make the person respect you more. So next time try to gossip in a good way about someone!


People can gossip anywhere: a church retreat, your school, even the place you work. I know that someone sometime in your life has told you to stop gossiping; they most likely mean to stop talking badly about someone. Next time you catch yourself talking badly about someone, stop yourself! Change the subject! Maybe even say something good about them.


Focus 2015

Focus is an overnight (2 nights and 1 1/2 days) church retreat. This was my first year going to Focus and this year 300+ teens went to Focus, and believe me when I say it was crazy.

One of the first things we did on the first day I got there was go to a rally. Each rally took place in the gym at the church which somehow had enough room to fit every one. I guess I could compare it to a school pep rally, except Focus rallies are way crazier and are 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes. There was a live band which played really loud but awesome christian music and a speaker that spoke at each rally. One time on Valentines Day (Saturday) we played Valentines Matchmaker, which was very funny because the girl ended up choosing the guy that thought that going to McDonald’s was a romantic date.

After rally #3 there was a fun event, which in this case was a “Insta Hunt” or Instagram hunt. You play the game by driving around Austin taking pictures of you and your group at specified landmarks (example: Honey Ham) or doing random things (example: jumping into a body of water). You then post the pictures to Instagram and your points for that picture get totaled up by somebody at the church. I think that my group and I took about 25 pictures and got a total of around 200+ points (not sure of the exact number). Anyway, the winner of the event got 700+ points. I’m not sure how they got that many pictures and points because we only had 2 hours to take and post the pictures, not to mention there was traffic and we where running to and from the car as fast as we could.

All in all, it was really fun and totally worth it! Can’t wait till next year!