Colorado Trip

During the Summer my family and I went to Colorado. If any one doesn’t know, the weather in Colorado (or at least were I was) is sort of unpredictable.  On my first day there it hailed, and on all the other days it either hailed or rained.  One of my last days there we went horseback riding and it was probably the most memorable part of the trip. There wasn’t a trail, and the so-called “trail” went straight through a  cow pasture– I guess in Colorado they let their cows run lose or something.  Anyway, it started to rain in the middle of the ride! We had to go under some trees (I know that might sound like a bad idea to some of you) so that we wouldn’t get wet, and we had to stay there until the rain slowed down. The trip was over all really fun, and I want to go back to Colorado.

O tordilho
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim via Compfight


Have you ever gone to Colorado?