Focus 2015

Focus is an overnight (2 nights and 1 1/2 days) church retreat. This was my first year going to Focus and this year 300+ teens went to Focus, and believe me when I say it was crazy.

One of the first things we did on the first day I got there was go to a rally. Each rally took place in the gym at the church which somehow had enough room to fit every one. I guess I could compare it to a school pep rally, except Focus rallies are way crazier and are 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes. There was a live band which played really loud but awesome christian music and a speaker that spoke at each rally. One time on Valentines Day (Saturday) we played Valentines Matchmaker, which was very funny because the girl ended up choosing the guy that thought that going to McDonald’s was a romantic date.

After rally #3 there was a fun event, which in this case was a “Insta Hunt” or Instagram hunt. You play the game by driving around Austin taking pictures of you and your group at specified landmarks (example: Honey Ham) or doing random things (example: jumping into a body of water). You then post the pictures to Instagram and your points for that picture get totaled up by somebody at the church. I think that my group and I took about 25 pictures and got a total of around 200+ points (not sure of the exact number). Anyway, the winner of the event got 700+ points. I’m not sure how they got that many pictures and points because we only had 2 hours to take and post the pictures, not to mention there was traffic and we where running to and from the car as fast as we could.

All in all, it was really fun and totally worth it! Can’t wait till next year!


JAM Party!

     For those who do not go to JAM, it stands for Jesus and Me; it’s held every Wednesday at the church I go to. This time we had a JAM Christmas party and it was crazy– and I mean crazy.
      First there was a game, which was a relay race to see who could unwrap, and eat, a Hersey’s kiss with socks on both your hands- I really hope they weren’t used.  After that there was a wrap your JAM leader with wrapping paper. Then there was the weirdest nativity scene ever, and I mean ever. It was relatively normal (on the JAM scale),  until the 3 wise men came into the scene. First there was a video (I would have posted it but I can’t find it) that was just 3 “men” chasing a person that was dressed up as a star. Yes, I know it sounds boring but it’s anything except boring. At the end of the video it showed them all running into the JAM room and then right when that happened the same people ran into the JAM room and the person dressed as a star started spraying silly string on every one. By then I had thought that was the end of the weirdness, but I was so wrong.
     We then did a White Elephant Gift thing which is (for those of you who don’t know) randomly choosing a number out of a hat (in this case it was a plastic cup) and then waiting for your number to be called. Once your number was called you could either pick a present from the middle or steal one from someone else. If someone steals yours you can either steal a different gift from someone else or pick a new present from the middle. If you choose a present from the middle you have to unwrap it and show every one what you got.
       When my turn came to pick a present I went to the middle to pick a present but every one started to yell “Pick the green bag!” I didn’t trust them but I picked it anyway (I probably shouldn’t have). I opened the bag and guess what was in it? Five raw eggs! Well, that’s JAM for you. Anyway, when I sat down a bunch of people where asking for one- I did give out two. The remaining 3 where stolen (thankfully, no offense to who ever wrapped it), so I chose another gift from the middle and it turned out to be some snowman lights.
HaVe YoU EvEr HaD A WiErD ChRiStMaS PaRtY ExPeRiEnCe?