Last weekend my cousins came over and we went geocaching. I have gone geocaching before, but I never got the full experience of actually finding the object because someone else in my group always found it first. This time though, I found it first.

We found four geocaches in total and I found two of those four. They were all really small; only one was big enough to hold those prizes though. One of them was so small that you could compare it to your fingernail. That one only held the log and the log itself was very hard to get out, but at least it was rolled up neatly. In fact, my brother accidentally dropped the cap on the floor; just to make it worse the grass was very tall and took us a few minutes to find it.

For those of you who don’t know, geocaching is a sort of activity where you locate a “treasure,” sort of like using a map to locate something.

Have you ever gone geocaching before?