Winter Break

 Winter break (2014) was so much fun! My winter break was spent in Texas, not out of state, but it was still awesome. The majority of the time was spent at home, but my family and I also visited my cousins for about 5 days, and we also went hunting.


Some of my winter break was spent watching the BBC version of Merlin, which I have now finished (THE FEELS!!!). On Christmas I got a bunch of stuff, but I think that my favorite part about Christmas day was the new Doctor Who episode. It was awesome but a bit messed up for a Christmas episode because, well, I could say, but that would spoil it.


I also went to my cousins house, which we (again) played hide-n-seek in the dark. It was much more fun than last time because one of my cousins hid somewhere (I would tell you, but I was sworn to secrecy) and no one could find him. He even switched spots so that it was possible for someone to find him.


We also went hunting on an exotic ranch. Even though we weren’t allowed to kill most types of the exotic animals, my brother and I had each killed a good sized deer in the first 3 hours. I shot the deer from 175 yards away, which is equivalent to 1.75 football fields, straight through the heart. Both deer that my brother and I shot are currently being processed into different types of meat.


So how was your winter break?


My Thanksgiving weekend this year was very weird. I mean, up to Thanksgiving dinner it was relatively normal but on Saturday my cousins and I played hide-and-seek. Now, to most of you it probably sounds like a kiddish game, but the way we played it was anything but kiddish because it was in the dark.

The person who was it was the only person who got a flashlight, which was helpful because whenever the flashlight was on it alerted the hiders. Since we where playing this at my cousins ranch, we had to set boundaries to make sure no one had to run a few miles to find someone. The boundaries where the gravel roads, which was actually a good spot to hide because in the dark it was almost impossible to see the person vs. the road. In this case, the flashlight saved a lot of time because the seeker would’ve had to walk all the way to the road and check it; while since we had a flashlight all we had to do was shine it towards the road.

During one of the rounds one of my cousins was running around the corner of the house because my brother, the seeker at the time, saw him but my cousin kept on running. Well, I saw the flashlight beam and started to run but unfortunately for both of us we literally bumped into each other. Of course my cousin was unfazed, but I tried running the other way, but was to close to the house and tripped over a bucket. Luckily for me, I regained my balance and didn’t fall on my face, but my brother saw me before I could get away.


So do you have a weird hide-and-seek experience?