Free Time

During the week students are almost always on the go. Between homework and after school activities, some students have little to no free time.


First, the teachers should give less homework. Some teachers give the normal amount of homework, but if all of the teachers give you the normal amount of homework, then the time needed to complete the homework jumps from 30 minutes to 2 hours. In conclusion, teachers should try to talk to each other about how much homework (in total) they are giving the students (if they don’t already).


Second, students should use their time wisely. Not just go home and play video games until 1:00 in the morning then decide that they should do their homework. I like to do my homework right when I get home so that I’m not all stressed out later. I would also suggest not using all your time up on after school activities. Take after school stuff that you think would not fill up all your time but is also fun so you won’t regret signing up for it.


Having somewhere to write down what homework you have and in what class really can help! I know that this free time problem only increase as you move up in grades, so manage your time wisely!

Top Lockers VS. Bottom Lockers

We all have our own opinion on which locker is better, top or bottom? In 6th grade I got a top locker, which was fine since I am tall, but you usually can’t put your stuff on the ground due to the fact that someone has the locker bellow you. This year I have a bottom locker, which I personally like better since you get to put your stuff on the floor. The bad thing about it is when I’m trying to put away or get my stuff, I have to wait until the people with the top lockers move so that I can open my own locker.

High school lockers

Photo Credit: Clemens v. Vogelsang via Compfight

So what do you like better, bottom or top lockers?