Black and White

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A world without color would be a somewhat lifeless world. You wouldn’t be able to see the blueness of the sky, the color of your shirt, or even the color of your eyes. It would all just be black and white.

In Lois Lowry’s book, The Giver, no one could see color except for 2 people: Jonas and the Giver. Because of this absence of color, it added to the idea that everyone was the same and that the government wanted to keep it that way. They didn’t know the joys of a sunset, the fun of sitting around a red-orange campfire and roasting marshmallows, or even the colors of a flower.

So, if you couldn’t see color then you couldn’t even see the beauty of a rainbow– it would just be a thick grey-ish line in the sky. As you can see, a black and white world would lack many things.





Blogging challenge activity 2!

  If you don’t know what Supernatural, Doctor Who, or Sherlock are about, then click the links. Thanks!

The first fandom that I had ever joined was the Doctor Who fandom. Before then, I had no idea what the word “fandom” meant. While watching Doctor Who I looked up “fandom” on the Internet and one of the first things that popped up was SuperWhoLock pictures– a combination of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.

Before I knew it I had finished watching all 8 seasons (the most recent seasons) of Doctor Who, and I then started watching Sherlock. After Sherlock I joined a bunch of other fandoms including Merlin and Death Note. Eventually my friends started to say to watch Supernatural, so here I am now: watching Supernatural.

Just a few days ago the question arose: which TV show between Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock was most popular? I haven’t finished Supernatural yet (I’m on season 3), so I can’t really say. My favorite TV show out of  SuperWhoLock  so far is Sherlock because of all of the mysteries involved *cough* and how insane the fandom is. *cough*


So what do you think? Supernatural? Doctor WhoSherlock? If you have only watched one or two of the three, then feel free to vote for your favorite so far!



Brotherband Chronicles: A Review

At the moment, I am reading the Brotherband Chronicles by John Flanagan. As of now, I am on the 5th book and am almost done with it. The events of the Brotherband Chronicles actually happens right around the time of John Flanagan’s other series, Ranger’s ApprenticeBrotherband Chronicles takes place in the same world as the Ranger’s Apprentice series does, but it’s from someone else’s perspective. As far as I know, there haven’t been any repeats in events from Ranger’s Apprentice in the Brotherband Chronicles. That’s because (for those of you who haven’t read the series) most of the Brotherband Chronicles takes place in Scandinavia. When it doesn’t take place there, it generally takes place somewhere else way far away from wherever Will and Halt (the Ranger’s Apprentice main characters) are located. Hope that wasn’t confusing.

Anyway, SPOILER ALERT from here on out.

Visit this website for a full summary of each book.

Book order:

1. The Outcasts

2. The Invaders

3. The Hunters

4. Slaves of Socorro

5. Scorpion Mountain

( As far as I know, the series has not ended yet)

In the Brotherband Chronicles there is a lot of character development. For example, almost all the main characters go from being outcasts to being heroes. Yes, I have proof, just look on the back of any of books in the Brotherband series, it says, “Outcasts for a moment. Heroes for life.”

The first 3 books are all practically about Hal and his crew trying to get the Andomal (see Wikipedia’s definition bellow) back because it was stolen and it was sort of their fault.  In the 3rd book they get the Andomal back and then they are considered heroes.

Here’s what Wiki said about the Andomal:

  • “The Andomal — This is a huge amber sphere (about 25 centimeters in diameter) with a reptilian claw in the middle believed to come from a dragon. This artifact has been treasured by Skandians for centuries and is kept in a shrine (the Tabernacle) on a hill close to Hallasholm. It is then stolen by Zavac and his crew while the Heron Brotherband is guarding it.”

The next 2 books have their own plot. Slaves of Socorro (4th book) is about some Araluens that where kidnapped and taken to Socorro to be sold at the slave market there. Hal (the main character) and his crew then go to Socorro and try and rescue all the Araluen slaves. With the help of Gilan (character/ranger from Ranger’s Apprentice) they eventually do rescue all 12 of the Araluens and bring them all back to Araluen.

In the next book, Scorpion Mountain, Hal and his crew embark on a mission to stop  the assassins that are  trying to kill Princess Cassandra (another character from Ranger’s Apprentice). Since at the moment I am reading this book and haven’t gotten to the end, I won’t spoil it for myself, so if you want to know what happens you should look it up.

I really like this series and think that everyone should read it, including you! I personally think that the Ranger’s Apprentice series is better, but that’s just me.

My favorite book ever:


Halt's Peril

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FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood: A Review

     So, FullMetal Alchemist is a anime which consists of 2 different series, each series has most the same characters, but has a different plot, although the same main problem. But I’m going to focus on the 2nd series, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, because I think it’s better.
    2 brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who are both alchemists, attempt human transmutation on their dead mother to try and bring her back. Human transmutation is forbidden among alchemists, and has never been successfully done. Well, of course there attempt fails, therefor resulting in Edward losing his leg and arm, and his brother losing his whole body. Edward (of course) saves his brother by binding his soul to a suit of armor nearby.
   Their whole quest, or main problem, is to “get their body’s back” to how they where. A bunch of stuff happens and they eventually (after about 60 episodes) succeed in doing so.
What I Think
    The Homunculi ( artificially created humans, AKA the bad guys) are my favorite characters. The creators of this series did a great job on them and I haven’t seen any better bad guys In any series or movie. It was also unique that they named all the homunculi after the the 7 sins (envy, greed, lust, pride, sloth, gluttony, and wrath).
    Some of the episodes are rated TV-14 for the violence, but I would recommend it to almost anyone. Also, each episode is about 20 to 30 minutes, but action packed and totally awesome. The series is a bit slow starting (in my opinion) but gets ALOT better as it goes on (not that I’m saying that it has a bad beginning). A bunch of 100% unpredictable events happen, I didn’t even see it coming, so it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. The opening theme songs are really good (of course, it gets better as the series goes on), but it’s in Japanese so unless you know it, you don’t know what there saying.
    WARNING: if you get attached to the antagonists, prepare for the worst day of your life!
    Anyway…… the series is really good and you should watch it!
This is my second favorite theme song, the first I couldn’t find. 

The first person to guess my top 3 characters (in order) I will comment 1 time on your blog! If you don’t have a blog, then you will get my congratulations!  If you already know them please don’t guess. YOU CAN ONLY GUESS ONCE.
Hint: 1st favorite character shows up 3 times in the above theme song
           2nd favorite shows up zero times because he wasn’t introduced as a important enough character in the above theme song
           3rd favorite shows up once  in the above theme song
And, yes, there are in fact hints through out this post, you just have to look carefully (if at all).


 So some of you have no idea what a fandom is or what it’s about, and you need to know because I might be talking about fandoms in later posts. A fandom is (as I like to think of it) a fan kingdom, you might have a different definition, but that’s mine. Fandoms are usually for bands, TV Shows, movies, and books. The people in the fandom are called either a fanboy or fangirl and are obsessed with it.

There are also different types of fans, ranging from the type that think about it constantly and talk about it allllllll the time,  to the type that are quiet and don’t usually say much on the topic. I fall under the category of thinking almost it 24/7 😉 but not exactly talking about it much unless I meet another fan.  I have been in fandoms since about 6th grade (although not many know that), starting with Doctor Who.

Also, this has never been my case, but some fans get bullied for talking about a fandom, I’ve never seen It happen, but I know it happens. But also, if you are not in a fandom and think you are going to start watching a TV show or something, BEWARE, and be prepared (by means of having time to be on your phone or whatever 24/7)! Also there is a difference between watching a show and being in that fandom. I will leave it up to you to decide if you are or are not in one!


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If you disagree with anything or have questions please tell me 🙂

If you are in a fandom, then which fandom are you in?