My Easter Break

Over all I had a very fun Easter break this year, we went to Flat Creek Ranch near Johnson city and did a lot of things.

One thing we did was a lot of mountain biking. There were a lot of jumps and trails and me and my cousins rode on them for hours. On the second day we were there we decided to go down a jump named ” Ghost Town”. It’s a 15 foot down hill into a 3 foot rise jump. I went down it first, My landing was really sketchy and I barly stayed up. My cousin Felix went next and landed it really well. Third was my cousin Alex, She thinks that she’s to cool for a helmet so she started hurtleing down the jump without a helmet. About 3 feet from the jump she chickened out and tried to stop but, she had to much speed and still went of the jump. She wiped out and broke her arm and her nose. We had to take her back to the house and then she got driven to the E.R.

Another fun Thing that we did was a lot of swimming. We went swimming in the creek on the ranch and it was really fun, The water was pretty deep- almost 7 feet- and crystal clear. We swam down there for hours and it was really nice. While we were swimming we found a crashed car on the bank of the creek. It was really creepy but, at the same time really cool.

Overall I had a very fun Easter break with my family.

Spring Break

For Spring break this year I went to the U.S. Virgin Islands. I had a lot of fun! I went swimming, fishing, scooba diving, and site seeing.

My spring break started on Saturday when we went to the air port. We were to Saint Thomas Island but be had a lot of connections. First we flew to Orlando and had a three hour layover. After that we flew to Puerto Rico. We got there at 2am and had 6 hours intill our flight so we slept in the airport. After waiting for 6 hours in the airport we had a 17 minute flight to Saint Thomas.

Once in St. Thomas we did a lot of things. On the first day there we went swimming in the ocean until It was dark outside. Once it was too dark to swim we walked to the town. We went to a seafood place for dinner and then walked to a boat rental place to reserve a boat for the next day.

The next day we woke up early and went to the boat rental place. We went out and fished all day. The water was really choppy so we didn’t get anything bigger than 4.5 pounds which is good for fresh water but not good for deep sea.

On the third day I was there we went out fishing again. This time the water was calm without many waves so we did a lot better. We caught a lot of red snapper and we cought a big mahi-mahi. The mahi-mahi was the catch of the day.

On the fourth day we drove to the airport to leave. I felt that the trip ended to soon, but at least I had a fun time!


Track and Field

Well track season has started and I’m pretty excited! I have been hoping that I would be fast enough to run at a track meet and, now I realize that probably won’t happen.

There are alot of different events to choose from( a lot of which I can’t do). They are the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, mile, mile and a half, discus, shot put, high jump, triple jump, and long jump.

Today we ran the 400 meter which was hard. You have to sprint the first 100, run with long strides the next 150 and after that in Coach Blackshires own words ” It’s all about guts”.I finished in second in my group with a time of 73 seconds( the best of the day was 66 seconds) and I felt pretty good about it. I was the smallest in my group so I had to mave my legs way faster to keep up with the others.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we ran the one mile, 100 meter dash, and 200 meter dash. One the one mile I got a time of 4 minutes and 45 seconds. On the 200 I got a time of 31.35 seconds, and on the 100 meter dash I got a time of 14 seconds. I overall had some pretty good times.

Well all in all I’m pretty excited for track and for our first meet on next Thursday.

My life’s blueprints

Well, now that I’m almost 13 people are always asking me what I want to do when I’m older; I’ve got some ideas.

First, College(I’m going to just skip what I’m  going to do in high school cause I don’t know what I want to do yet). I’m going to not have much money and be living 100% off Ramen and Arnold Palmers. Then, when getting a ham sandwich from a vending machine, the vending machine will fall on me and I will sue.

After gettin three million dollars from the law suit, I obviously have to go to The Dominican Republic and make a living by owning lots of banana plantations. Obviously. Then The Dominican Republic will go through a lot of political turmoil and, after a long story involving an albino rino, some strawberry yogurt, and thirty two pounds of couch stuffing.I will emerge as the supreme overlord of The Dominican Republic.

After a couple of days as the supreme overlord I will get board and take all the money from the treasury. Then sell the entire Dominican Republic I will become the richest person ever.

With all of my money I will build a huge mansion the size  of Road Island. The mansion will be five stories with 400 rooms. There will be a triple decker pool in my backyard , and It will have 50 different water slides ranging from the height of a house cat to the height of the Empire State Building. There will also be a huge 1800 hole golf course where my many bangled tigers will live.

Of course, after doing all this I will realize that I have no more money and will have to declared bankruptcy. I will live out the rest of my days in a mental institution after going crazy from losing all of my money.

So, now when people say “What are you going to do with thes rest of your life”. I’ll tell them that story.

325 days till Christmas

Canyon Lake

Last weekend I went to canyon lake.

My friend has a lake house there, so that’s were we stayed for the weekend.

The first day we were there we had a lot of fun, we went jet skiing, swimming ,tubing, and fishing( although I didn’t get anything besides some half pound perch). Then, when it got dark we went back to his house and had dinner. After dinner we watched some college basketball, played video games and went to bed.

The next day we decided to go cayaking. We planed to bring lunch; we were going to paddle to an island about a half mile away from shore and eat lunch there. It was supposed to rain so we both brought rain jackets. When we got to the island is started to drizzle rain so we quickly started to eat our lunch. Then my friends mom called and said that it was supposed to get windy. We though she meant a small breeze so we stayed. The wind was 70 mph!!!

It was to dangerous to paddle back to shore so we pulled the kayaks up to some trees, and attacked them to trees with our life jackets. Then we went to the downwind side of the island, but on our rain jackets and waited. We were on the island for three hours before someone got to the island with a motor boat to take us back. There was no room for the kayaks so we left them and decided to get them the next day. When we got to the house we changed into warm clothes and ate dinner. It was one of the scariest times of my life, but also one of the coolest.

Over all I had a very fun weekend.

Winter Break

This Year I had a very fun Winter Break.

On Christmas Eve like every year we watched elf and we ate a lot of Christmas cookies; while we were watching elf a bird hit our house and you could see its imprint on the window. After the movie we had dinner, We had venison  sliders, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Most people went to bed fairly early that night because of the time zone change( My uncle from Portugal had a change of almost 9 hours).

The next day Christmas Day was hectic. A lot of family doesn’t go to church and a lot does so half went, but then the people who didn’t go didn’t have any cars to get any where, they just ended up staying at the house the whole time. When we got home we had waffles and opened presents.

The day after Christmas I had to wake up at 6:00am because we were going to drive to Taos to ski; it was a 14 hour drive plus stopping to eat. We where in Taos for about 4 days and we skied each day. When our time was up in Taos we drove to Albuquerque to visit one of my mom’s old high school friends. After that we drove all the way back to Austin, and the next day was school.

Over all I had a very fun winter break this year,

340 days Intil Christmas.


Well it’s only a few weeks in till Christmas and I am super excited. This year we are going to stay home for Christmas and just have family come over to our house.

Every time that we have family come over ,my room is always given to other family so I always get the couch. The bad part about this is that the younger kids wake up at the crack of dawn and start watching T.V. And sitting on the couch that I’m sleeping on. Another bad thing about the younger kids is that they don’t have to spend money on presents, Yet they get the most mad whenever they don’t get exactly what they want.

Still I’m looking foreword to Christmas because It’s just such a fun time.

15 days till Christmas


My Poem

The Boat Poem

Who likes boats

I like boats

They always float

And if they don’t

You’ll end up at the bottom

Of a moat

Sail boats are confusing

Speed Boats are fast

And row boats come in last

So as you can see

Boats are for me

Unless they are full of water
Author’s Note
I Was inspired for this poem by, quite obviously, Boats. I chose to make the poem about boats because a lot of words rhyme with boat so it would be easier to write a poem.

Yay! In only a couple of days it’s thanksgiving which is my third favorite holiday, First is Christmas and second is Halloween . I hate that so many people just skip right on to Christmas spirit, I always think that we should just let the turkey and pumpkin pie have their month.

I don’t know why but every year on thanksgiving I go camping. Then on Sunday I am going hunting. The only bad part is that I have to be out of the house at. 3 AM. Another thing that I love about thanksgiving is that there is a five day holiday. We get to skip Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and of course Saturday and Sunday

I know that I said we should not start thinking about Christmas yet but……..

37 days in till Christmas




This year I think the elections were the worst that there have ever been. Both of the canidates are widely  hated by half of America. Trump should be in a mental hospital and Hillary should be in prison.

This year I personally preferred Hillary to Trump, but even though Hillary got more votes to Trump, trump still won because he won the electoral collage. I don’t really understand the electoral college. It makes it so that the person who got the most votes, still can lose the elections.

This year the electoral college was very strange because the Simpsons not only predicted that trump would run for president and win, but they also predicted the electoral map perfectly.

43 days in till Christmas.