Work of Art

I feel my mom pulling my hand dragging me through the line

I tell myself, this is the very last time.

I look at my sister next to my dad silently walking towards

the front of the gondola watching, waiting for open doors.


I reluctantly follow onto the gondola groggy from my sleep

I peer through the window nothing but fog all around me.


We rise, getting higher and higher lifting us above the clouds

I suck in my breath, seeing the true beauty of the town.


We get off the gondola, go up the stairs, Thump Thump Thump

our footsteps echoing deeply while I made the final jump.

Looking at the playground so silent and so meek

I let go of my breath letting my true feelings seep.


I run up the hill, sit on the swing, feeling the cool breeze

the light wind tickling my nose almost making me sneeze.

I look at the view my eyes open wide

at the marvelous mountains that so brilliantly shine.


By Lily Y.

Keeper of the Lost Cities

This book is one of my absolute favorites! It’s called Keeper of the Lost Cities, and the author is Shannon Messenger. Basically this book is about a young girl named Sophie Foster. She always knew she wasn’t ordinary because of her telepathic powers which enables her to listen to the thoughts of those far and close to her (though it does have limitations). She was always envied by those around her because of how she skipped grades by leaps and bounds caused by her photographic memory. She was always very self conscious about her powers and tried to hid them as much alas possible even going as to so far as think of herself as a freak. Soon she discovered that she was an elf like the one in the fairytales except her knowledge of them was completely wrong. She has great adventures with her new friends and family as well as discovering dangerous secrets that would change her life forever.


Honestly I have always wanted a dog. The thing is that my parents say I’m not responsible enough so. It’s not as if I don’t get where their coming from okay? I can’t even feed my one single fish for 2 times a day. I guess I’m just as lazy as can be. 😅🙃

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