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Rat Terrier

I remembered I was supposed to remind you guys about the dog! We didn’t get a Basenji, and now we’re actually looking for another (more common) dog breed. The breed is Rat Terrier! We are on a breeder’s waiting list and hope to have a dog by early next year!

A Forest Poem

The sunlight leaked through the trees.

trickling down their stretched out branches.

I strained my eyes as I searched                  

for the creatures who hid in the undergrowth.

And the wind gently whispered for them              

brushing past the rest as it searched for them.

A musky scent promised rain                

that would trickle down from the clouds.

The people sheltered beneath broad boughs.

that anxiously gazed up at the sky.

Fearing the wonderful dark clouds.

A Memoir To Momo


I grew up with a blue-nosed pitbull. His name was Smokey but everyone called him Momo. He loved to sunbathe outside and his elbows (Do dogs have elbows?) and stomach were furless because he would lie on the cement. He was a really weird dog, so weird he would roll his eyes and sigh at you if you did something stupid.

(He looked kinda like the dog in the picture, except he had one green, one brown.)

My Current Book

So right now I’m reading the 2nd Kane Chronicles. It’s called The Throne of Fire. It was written by Rick Riordan, one of my favorite authors. It’s set in modern day, but in a world with ancient Egyptian gods and magicians running around!

It’s been great so far, and I’ve nearly finished it. Sooo, the second book’s plot seriously gives away spoilers for the first book, so I’m gonna keep this sparce. Pretty much siblings, Carter and Sadie Kane, once again have to save the world. Haha, no spoilers for you!

I chose this book because Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors. I have always loved mythology, and have memorized Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and a bit of Norse. Rick Riordan writes mythological stories in modern day settings with (not so) normal kids.

I think Rick Riordan is a very good author as well. I, personally, don’t think that the Percy Jackson series is the best example of his writing. Don’t kill me, wait for the explanation! I love the Percy Jackson series, it’s the book that got me into reading. But It’s aiming for a younger audience, with less complicated words, and not as many moral dillemas. I think Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, and the Apollo series all have a lot of improvement.

Anyway, so far Throne of Fire has been awesome, and I definitely recommend you read it. (And all of Rick Riordan’s other books, like me!)


Recently I’ve been learning to play the guitar. I use Rocksmith, it’s an awesome applicaion.  It really helps me learn. My favorite feature is playing songs in slow motion!

If you want to learn more visit this site.

Basenjis Barking

Next month, October, our family is going to get a dog! We’re going to a dogshow that’s coming, so we can get a specific breed. A basenji. They’re adorable dogs that physically cannot bark!

They’re super cute dogs that have big straight ears, and have a lot of different colors. They can be black, orangish, brown, or brindle. They’re also medium sized, and are a bit lower than my knee.

I’m extremely excited because my family hasn’t had a dog for around three years. We’re dog people, and often dog sit, so it’s been awful not having a dog for such a long time.

And, as I mentioned before, they can’t bark. They yodel. Instead of ‘bark’, they go ‘arohouhou’, or something like that. One of my favorite basenji videos is one of a woman trying to get her basenji to bark. It couldn’t, so it’s probably going to be a relatively quiet dog!

We may wind up getting some other breed, I’d be really disappointed if we didn’t. But, I know I’m going to love this dog no matter what breed we wind up getting. I’l try to post about whatever new dog we get, maybe I’ll even be able to pin a photo on too!