Six Flags Trip!


Last Friday all of the choirs at west ridge went to compete at Berne High school. We got on the buses at 6:15 to get there and we were all pretty tired. We got to Berne at 8:30 and we started warming up immediately. Our choir performed songs that we have been working on for a while and I think we did really well. After the competition was over, we drove to Six Flags! 

We got to Six Flags around 11:30 and we had 6 hours to do anything we wanted! First we went on the Road Runner Express, and we all liked it so much that we went on it a second time! The Road Runner didn’t go upside down or do any loops so it was a good ride to start with.

Next we went on the Gully Washer, which was also a super fun ride. You get on this raft and go around the “river” and the raft spins around so everyone gets a chance to get wet! Our whole group went, and we all got soaked! We went on a ton of other rides because the lines were all super short, and they were all so fun!!

Six Flags was really fun and I can’t wait until next year!!



Summer is right around the corner, and I can’t wait! We have 25 days left of school, and then comes  one of the best times of the year!

Summer is a great time to relax and hang out with your friends, because there is no homework, or school. This year I am going to a camp with my youth group, and I can’t wait! It’s at Alaso Ranch in Hawkins, Texas, and there are a ton of fun things to do there, like go horseback riding, kayak, or go on the giant swing. It was so fun last year, and hopefully it will be even better this year!

Another great part about summer is getting to sleep in. I hate getting up early during the school year, so I can’t wait for summer, when the alarm clocks don’t go off at 7:00 every morning. My siblings do swim team, so I have to get up early for their meets, but there are only a few swim meets.

Summer is a time to go on fun trips, and have great experiences. Summer is the best time of year, and I can’t wait for it!

District Track Meet


 This week is our very last track meet! I’m sad track is almost over, but I’m looking forward to the district track meet!

 The district meet lasts 2 days, and most of the events on the first day is just the preliminary round, and the second day is the finals. I only have to go the second day because I am only running the mile, which is a one day event.

 This track meet is a lot more competitive because only 3 people from each school qualified for each event. There are 5 schools that compete at the district track meet: West Ridge, Hudson Bend, Lake Travis, Hill Country, and Dripping Springs. You win districts by getting the most points as a team. You get points for your school by placing in your events.

 This track season was great, and I can’t wait for next year!

Spring Break!


 Flowers blooming, leaves swaying, sun shining. These are just some of the things I’m looking forward to this spring break!

  One of the reasons I am excited about spring break is that we get to go to a ranch with some of our family friends! It will be super fun, and I’ll be able to relax and take a break from school. We’ll probably only go for a few days so the rest of my spring break I can spend with hanging out with my friends, and relaxing some more.

 Another one of the reasons I love spring break so much is that the weather is so nice, and you have time to enjoy it! It isn’t too hot, it isn’t too cold, and there isn’t an excuse to stay inside! Our family is always outside during spring break, and we always have so much fun! I hope the weather is good again this year!

Spring is one is my favorite times if the year, and Spring break makes it even better! I can’t wait!






This week, track tryouts started! There are a ton of different events to try, but I don’t know which ones I am going to do yet.

   I’m probably going to do long distance, because I already did cross country, so it would be pretty easy to run the mile. I liked the 200 meter dash, but I wasn’t the fastest, so I don’t think I’ll do that one. Hopefully I get into one of the running events, because our first meet is next Tuesday, and it is just the running events.  

Some of the field events were really fun! I liked the high jump, long jump, and the triple jump. I wasn’t as good at shotput or discus, and I didn’t really like them. The field events have practice after school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but the track events are just during athletics.

I hope that this track season willl be great!






Why Homework is Pointless


Backpacks heavy, papers, textbooks, questions, answers, every single day until we are out of college!

  I think that homework is pointless for many reasons. One reason is that there is just not enough time in the day to spend 8 hours at school, and do hours of homework. It would be okay if some classes gave homework, but when all of my classes give you homework, you spend a ton of time trying to get through all of it. Homework takes up most of my afternoon, and sometimes I have to stay up super late to get it all done.

  Another reason I find homework useless, is that we already spend most of our day at school, just to come home and do it all over again! This would be fine if it actually helped us learn. Many parents can’t help their kids when t comes to new curriculum, and now there are apps that give you the answers, calculators that can do whole equtions at once, and sometimes you can find the answer key online.

  Doing our homework may be an important part of keeping our grades up, but that doesn’t make it fun, or important to our learning.




Basketball is Almost Over!


Next week is our last basketball game of the season! We will be playing Dripping Springs, and we have never played them before. 

I’m sad basketball is ending, but I can start sleeping in again, and track starts. We didn’t have early practice at all this week because it is a bye week, and I am getting used to sleeping until 7:20. I tried out for another basketball league, but I would have to miss a month over the summer, so I couldn’t do it. Hopefully I can find different team to play on this spring.

I am nervous to play dripping springs, because the last time we were supposed to play them, we had a choir concert, so we didn’t get to play them. We don’t know how they play, or how good they are. We haven’t had a winning season, but hopefully we will play well next Thursday night. It will be a home game, and there is normally more pressure, and cleaning up the gym isn’t very much fun after you’ve lost.

So glad I had such a great team this season, and hopefully we can play together next year!

Hudson Bend Basketball Game


Yesterday we played Hudson Bend for the 3rd time this season. They are known for being really good at basketball, and we have lost the other two times we have played them.

While we were waiting to play, we did our homework, and watched TV on somebody’s Ipad. We were short three players, and A team was short 5 players, so we weren’t at our best.

One girl on the the Hudson Bend team got hit on her eyebrow and sliced it open right before we were supposed to play, so our game was delayed by a few minutes.

The first half of the game was really rough; the score at halftime was 23 to 1 and we were not feeling very hopeful a put the rest of the game. The final score was 31 to 3 and none of us felt like talking about it the day after.

I hope we can improve for the next time we play them!

Holiday Rush


This week and next week my schedule is packed with things to do! Some of them are exciting, but some of them are boring. 

I have quarterly finals in Math and in Science, and I hope I do well on both of them. Today I had a science test over digestion and nutrition, and my reading log for english os also due next Monday! Hopefully my teachers don’t give me much homework over the break!

I have select basketball tryouts on Saturday, and I really hope I make it! We have a choir concert on Monday, with rehearsal for it this Friday. We were going to have a basketball game the same Monday, but there were not enough referees to watch our game so just A team is playing that afternoon, but hopefully we do get to play after all.

I have so many other things to do, but i wont nam them all! Hope your holiday season is full of things to do and christmas cheer!!!!



Today is our third basketball game of the season!

I really hope we win, because so far we have not won a game. We lost 28 to 36 against Drippping Springs, and 13 to 16 against Hill Country last week. We play both teams again and I hope the rematch turns out better in our favor!  

I am on B team, and we have a pretty good team this year,  but Lake Travis does too. I think it will be a close game, and I hope we play well!!