May 5


Pudding… Pudding, Pudding, Pudding. She pretty much sucks at being a dog.

We could never teach her to P outside, no matter how hard we tried. We couldn’t take her on walks, because she would just stop walking and sit in the middle of the road whenever a car would come by.  And when she did that, you’d try to nudge her to the sidewalk, but she would just escape from the collar because her head’s so skinny.

I know dogs are supposed to bark…but she overdoes it by 100%. She sees something outside she barks, she sees her own shadow/reflection she barks, someone comes in the house she barks, someone comes upstairs she parks, someone makes too much of a movement she barks. If someone’s petting her she won’t bark…but if you stand up she barks. Even if you say boo-in a normal voice-she will bark.

Now I could keep going but this blogpost would never end. But there may be a follow up post…we’ll see.

April 22


My team and me have finally lost our first game.

We had a chance at winning the league and being the best team in the state…all we had to do was win the game against Lonestar, But we were slow, had tarrible passes, couldn’t control the ball, anyd ended up in 3rd place.

Last time we played this Lonestar team we tide, but they dominated us and we got a lucky penalty kick at the end to tie it.

Everyone was blaming themselves saying I should have done this, I should of done that, but we all could of done something different. And it’s a waste of time to think of what you could of done and instead you should just practice and do better the next time.

April 13

Cr*ppy Friday Movie Night.

Cr*ppy Friday Movie Night…
I don’t remember how it started but it did…and I love it.

Every Friday my dad will get home from work and we will just choose any cr*ppy movie we can find. We will make fun of them and it’s awesome.
Let me tell you about some of my favorites:
One was about killer clowns that were aliens, and they would wrap people up in a cotton candy cocoon, then they’d tap the cotton candy cocoon to see if you were ripe, and if you were they’d stick a straw in you and drink.
Another one was about killer frogs:
These people were in a very nice house and they killed frogs to make it. So the frogs started attacking and killings all of them, then people started to leave, but the grandpa didn’t want to leave and he was in a wheel chair, so at the end he fell out and the frogs ate him.

So that’s the usual content of cr*ppy Friday movie nights. It might sound weird but it’s really fun. You should try it some time.

March 4

Laughter is Important

If you didn’t laugh-you would die. This is why laughter is important.

One thing about laughter is how amazing it feels. When you’re laughing you smile, and study show that when you smile your brain thinks you’re happy, so you feel happy. Once I got a stick in my foot and I was crying, but there is an ice cream truck so I hopped over there and got some ice cream. The ice cream truck  seller made me feel better. You know how you made me feel better? He made me laugh. If you feel sadness, or pain, then you know laughed it important.

Another thing is it can keep you healthy. When you laugh your core muscles are working, an it can give you a sixpack. That’s why you get tired if you laugh long enough. Let’s say there’s a girl and she wants a six pack. All she has to do is laugh for a very long time. If you want to stay healthy… laugh.

Laughing is amazing.Everyone should do it. But only If they want to stay healthy and happy.


February 11


What…what…what did you just say?! Walk, OMG, W-A-L-K!!!!!!
Is that my leash, is she getting my lea-Omg she is! It is a walk! She hooked it! IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! WHERE-GOING-ON-A-WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Sniffffff* ahhhh, yes this is going to be great. Right or left, right or left. I want a long walk today I choose…left…yes definitely left! First fire hydrant 40 paces to the left let’s go. *sniff* *sniff* *sniffff*. What is this. How dare they. How DARE they try and take my spot! I’ll fix this right up. *squart* *squart* *squart*. There we go that took care of that. Onward we go.

Oh, oh,oh what’s that coming towards us. It a… it’s a… car. Oh… oh, what’s that! Never mind it’s still a car. Maybe next time. Onward we go.

Is that Spot. Oh…ohh that is Spot. How’s it going Spot what you up to. Wait, what, what are you doing Spot. We did this last time Spot, I thought we already figured out we’re friends-why are you sniffing my dairy air. Uh whatever we’re out of here. Onward we go.

Is that our house… that is our house. Gosh darn’it- I knew we should’ve gone rite.

February 3


Why is this needed, every single day. Why can’t I just stink. I always dread taking a shower.

One thing that’s so bad about showers is how long they take. Every single day I have 10 minutes taken away from homework, tv, eating, sleeping. That’s not even including if I shave or use conditioner. If I did those 2 things, everyday, it would be 30 minutes, maybe even more! If you’re as busy as me then you must agree, showers are a big waste of time.

Another thing that’s so bad about showers is how cold you are when you get out. You turn off the shower and you get a chill, then you have to step on the floor. Hair dripping, feet freezing cold. It’s torture. Also, your shirt gets wet and then you’re even colder. So, if you hate being cold, then you must dread showers.

Showers are awful, I just can’t take it anymore. Maybe, I’ll start taking baths At least then I can do homwork.

January 28

Street Soccer

Street soccer, dangerous, or not.


It is dangerous. you can get hit by cars, you can die, the ball can role down the hill. Here’s an example: tonight my friend and I we were playing street soccer, and almost every 5 seconds a car would come by, so we almost got hit a bunch of times, and it was almost 11:00 pm. So that proofs that at any time it is dangerous to play street soccer. Also ther’re lots of bad people in this world that could find you and kill you. I recommend to everyone Not to play street soccer ever. Even though it is very fun!

So in conclusion, never do street soccer or you will DIE.

Thanks for reading!


January 13

Apollo the Best Dog in the Multiverse

He plays, he sleeps, he barks, and he smiles. Apollo, the best dog in the universe, wait wait the multiverse.

He plays in the day, he sleeps at night. He makes you smile, when he smiles. His name is Apollo, the best dog in the multiverse.




See he just makes you smile. Usually his smiles are bigger, but I woke him up from a nap for the photo so he wasn’t as happy. Look how cute he is when he’s sleeping/when he’s awake.

The other dog next to him is Pudding, not such a good dog, but I still love her. (She hates me).

The photo above is Pudding.

So to be clear Apollo is the best dog in the multiverse. Just thinking about him or knowing he’s there, just makes me smile, so whenever you have a bad day just look at the photos I’ve posted of my dogs. (Mostly Apollo )



December 10

Christmas Tree

My family always gets a very larg beautiful tree. But this year we didn’t.

This year we went to a different tree place, we went on a different day, and we got a different kind of tree. Ever year we go on the first saturday of December. But this year we went on a tuesday. Every year we go at 10:00am. But this year we went at 7:00pm. Every year we get a large beautiful tree. But this year we got a 6ft tree, that’s very dry and has lots of gaps in it.

Also this year my grandparents aren’t coming, nor are any of my relatives. And they’ve come to are house for Christmas, since my 16 year old sister was born. Also we aren’t doing any of our traditions.

Hopefully we can make new traditions, and make the best of this Christmas.