Lazy Saturday

Saturdays are usually very busy but this time we had absoulutley nothing to do. I was lazy all day watching TV, hanging in my hammock, reading my book.

The day started with sleeping in late. I woke up at 10:00 AM. When I got downstairs my mom had already left for work and my dad made us eggs and bacon. After we ate  my brother and I watched Mulan in our pajamas then we went outside and helped our dad clean out the shed. The shed took hours to clean out and we even encounterd an angry wasp nest. We sprayed the nest with wasp killer and finished the shed. Then we set up our hammocks and hung there for I don’t know how long. Reading my book and listening to music I lost track of time.

Later during the day it was time for dinner my mom had come home and it was time to light the grill. The ribs had already been marinated for 2 hours and was ready to be put on the fire. Another hour went by and the ribs were ready. We ate and the rib were delicious we also had ceasar salad and baked beans. Then we watched a movie called La La Land it was good but I didn’t really like the ending.

We had a really good Saturday but we’re so busy it probably will never happen again.




Over the weekend my family was invited to a wedding in Florida. On Thursday morning we woke up at 5:20 to catch our 7:30 flight to Gainesville, Florida. The plane trip was long but when we got there it was worth it.

On Friday morning my dad rented a car and we headed out to Ginnie Springs. When we got there we saw the water it was crystal clear and you could see all the way to the bottom. We got some inner tubes and floated down the stream because it had a slight current. Every now and than we would stop and swim to a cove. In the coves were caves and the water was clearer than ever. You could see into the cave if you went far enough under the surface. After we headed home and got ready for the wedding rehearsal dinner. When we got there and we ate amazing food, heard lots of funny toasts and danced a lot. The groom had a band that played so we could dance.

The next day we walked from our hotel to the University of Florida were we walked all over campus. In the campus we went to the library and saw dozens of kids studying for finals. After we walked to a building called the Students Union were students hung out or studied. In the Students Union the is a gigantic Florida spirit shop with their team colors and shirts everywhere you look. Then we headed to the bowling alley downstairs. I am not very good at bowling and I lost badly but my dad got five strikes in a row and beat us all by a lot.

Later that night we got all dressed up for the wedding. It was outside in these beautiful botanical gardens but it was very hot. We had the ceremony and headed to the reception were we talked, ate and congratulated the newly wed. As it got darker more and more people headed down to go dance. The band played funk pop. They were spectacular. We danced for a long time and realized the wedding was over. We went back to our hotel and packed up for the plane ride home.

I miss Gainsville but I’m glad to be back home.

Spring Break

On Spring Break my family and I drove down to New Orleans. The drive was one of the longest, inordinate, endless trip of my life. Hours after hours we sat there sedentary in the miniscule space of our car. Wondering when we would get there or what was for dinner when we just had lunch. Constantly I changed positions from crisscrossed to stretching my legs out to lying all the way across the seat.

Then my mom told us.

After the past two days she said what we had been waiting for ” Were here” she said and we immediately packed up our stuff and we’re ready to get out of the car and into the hotel. We got into the hotel and quickly went to sleep. Our long journey made us tired, and we wanted to be ready for our weekend in New Orleans.

The next morning we got up early so we could make our reservation for a swamp tour. Reluctantly we got back in the car. We drove a twenty minute drive to the swamp. When we got there we stretched our legs and checked in. Fifteen minutes later we were on a boat gliding across the murky water. I had my eyes peeled for alligators. A moment later I saw one. He was giving us the kind of stare that he did not want to be messed with. During the rest of the tour we saw a variety of wildlife alligators, snakes and even a wild hog. When we got back to the city our stomachs were growling, so we headed to the Garden District for lunch. Soon enough we found ourselves right in the middle of a St. Patrick’s Day parade. There was green every were you looked and magnificent parade floats. On the floats people were throwing beads and candy. It took us a long time to get out of that crazy crowd of people watching the parade.

The next day we headed to the New Orleans Aquarium. We walked inside and immediately were amazed by the amount of fish, sharks, alligators and more. My favorite animal would either be the otter that would jump and do tricks to get food or the penguins who like to show off their swimming skills to the world. We also saw a giant python whos body was as thick as my head. The seahorses were shy, the piranhas were scary and the alligator gave us the same look as the one we saw in the swamp. After that we went to the French Quarter were we ate beignets, browsed the shops and marveled at the interesting sights we saw. Then we headed to a Haunted New Orleans tour were we got to learn about the creepy history of the cities past. We walked along the streets of New Orleans and heard about ghosts. After we made our way to a cajun resturant and had amazing food. Huspuppies, jumbalaya, red beans and rice, gumbo basically every kind of southrn food you can think of. After we went back to our hotel exhausted and went to bed.

The next morning we started our long, inordinate, endless drive home.



It’s Important to Laugh

Laughing is important. If we didn’t laugh nothing would be the same.

Its important to laugh because it makes us feel good, relive stress and smile. If you didn’t laugh your body would get fatigued and lethargic because your not reliving your stress. That stress would build up and make you tired. It’s important to laugh to relive your every day stress.

In addition to being a stress reliving factor laughing makes us happy and if you don’t laugh your probably not that fun to be around. For example one WHOLE weekend I was the sassiest person ever to my family, friends and even people I didn’t know. It was just some of those days were your not in a good mood and taking it out on every body else. On Sunday afternoon I just had a soccer game ( which we won ) and me and my mom were walking back to our car I realized how crazy I was that weekend and said to her ” wow I was really sassy this weekend ” she agreed and we laughed the whole time back to her car. Laughing is important to make us happy too.

Its important to laugh to relive stress and make you happy. If you don’t laugh you should really try it sometime.

Homework is Difficult

My homework has been building up all day. I can’t take it anymore! Sometimes homework can be very difficult.

One reason homework is very hard is that our teachers don’t talk to each other to see what assignments there giving so they don’t know if we have tons of homework from all of the other teachers on the same night. Yesterday I had projects, tests, quizzes and worksheets all due the next day. I was so overwhelmed I could feel the imaginary weight on my shoulders. A lot of the times the pressure is too much and homework is very difficult.

In addition to homework being a challenging task. We have outside activities like sports or playing an instrument that takes time and commitment. But we have no time for those commitments because of all that homework we were given for the night. My after school time flashes by. It’s slips right through my fingers. Every single night. It tells us that homework makes not just school laborious but other things too.

There are some happy days without homework. But next time I have loads of homework I will try to work extra hard to finish it and have some free time apart from the problematic, tough, burdensome thing called homework.


I love driving up to Colorado to go skiing. We ski at Steamboat and it’s the best ski place ever.

The first reason Steamboat is the best is the town. The town on the mountain is great. It has restaurants, shops and candy stores. We love just going out on the town and walking around the town. We usually ski all day and get a break by going to dinner or a movie. My favorite thing to eat after skiing is pasta we always got to this restaurant and they have the best fettuccine alfredo ever.

Another reason is the mountain. Steamboat mountain has amazing ski slopes all over the mountain. The mountains so big that everywhere you look there’s a variety of green, blues, blacks, black diamonds and blue-black slopes. My favorite slope is called the Vagabond. It’s a blue and you find right when you get of Christi’s ski lift.

The last reason and the best reason is the weather. We live in Texas and there has never been weather where I live that compares to the weather in Steamboat. It snows at least once every time I’m there and we have great powder to ski in. My favorite to ski in is powder because it’s so fluffy and fun to stick your ski’s in.

Steamboats the best and I’m so excited to go next year.


Before the Game.

I could feel the excitement as we loaded the car and drove to our very first basketball tournament.

I rode with my friend Alejandra. When we arrived we stepped out of the car and got a blast of cold air right in the face. It was the coldest day of the year which made us more excited about the tournament. We walked into the school and met up with our team. Girls dribbling, practicing and running drills were all around us. We checked out the bracket and headed to our gym to warm up.

As we entered the gym our opponent was already warming up. We didn’t want to get behind and quickly started warming up too. As we were warming up we kept a close eye on our opponents. Watching there strengths and weaknesses. We even saw them eyeing us too. As the clock buzzed telling us warm up was over we ran over to our coach and she gave us our positions.  I was picked to start the game! We did our cheer and ran out on the court with chills of excitement. We set up and the referree told us who gets what basket. The refferee blew his whistle and threw the ball in the air.

Lily Kate jumped up grabbed the ball and the game began.


This Christmas is going to be great. Christmas is my favorite holiday I love the holiday tradition and the food.

We have already set up our tree and decorated our yard. We have this thing called a Christmas Village and it has a bunch of ceramic light up buildings and you put them on a table and make a mountain town. It takes a long time to put on the table and find out where everything is supposed to go but by next weekend we will be finished. My Elf on the Shelf came 6 days ago and he keeps moving around my house. My brother likes him but I think he’s kind of creepy. Its like his eyes are too blue and he just smiles a little too much.

Every year my mom makes this thing called batter bread on Christmas Day its delicious but she won’t make too much and she only makes it on Christmas Day so it gets eaten really fast. But its a tradition and my mom tells us the tradition only comes once a year. On Christmas Day my brother wakes up at about 5 and wakes everybody up thats why we need to have the coffee ready for my parents. The we make a fire and open presents.

All in all Christmas is super fun and I can’t wait till its here.



Up north there was a penguin
Who was very genuine
Living all alone up in the cold
He was nothing close to bold

And then he saw
Face frozen with awe
There was another
Barely seen, this icy discover

And now he’s thrown
Because he knows he’s not alone
In this icy wonder

There is another

During my conference when I was reading my poem out loud I realized that some of my word choices needed to be fixed. I learned that my rhyming was good and that I needed more imagery. I started playing with my paragraphing. I moved the last sentence into hanother paragraph so it would have more effect. I also changed one of my rhyming choices.

In my poem I wrote about a lonely penguin that needed to find a companion. I chose to write about this because it means that the penguin had hope and it rewarded him by bringing him a companion. I made my poem with 4 line stanzas except for the last stanza because I wanted effect. I hope my readers understand that my poem is about never giving up hope even when it feels like there is no more.


I love the weekends. On the weekends my family and I don’t have time to do a lot of things because of sports. But when there are no sports going, we enjoy some down time.

We like to sleep in. After we sleep in we usually have a really late breakfast. My mom cooks bacon and eggs. She is a really good cook. The Today Show is usually on the TV, but my brother doesn’t like it. He wakes up at 7:00 every morning to go play video games in the game room.

During the afternoons, football is always on from 12:00 to 7:00 my dad loves watch it. He has something called a fantasy football league. It’s where he makes a team with a bunch of different players and they give him points when they play good. He plays against his friends and sometimes it gets really intense.

At the end of the day my mom usually makes a really good dinner or my dad grills. Carefree Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days of the week.