This summer is gonna be action packed with many fun adventures like going to camp, going on vacation, and hanging with friends. I’m gonna tell you what’s going on this summer.

My first huge summer activity is going to Schlitterbahn on May 31. We go every year on the first week we get out of school because we’re one of the only districts are out that early, so there are no lines! The other great thing about it is that I get to bring 1 or 2 friends to enjoy the fun with me!

If you read my blog, most of you would know that I love volleyball; that’s why I’m doing volleyball camps almost every week so I can improve on all my skills.

One thing I love most about summer is going to camp. This year is gonna be more fun than years past because I’m gonna be with all my friends for a Younglife Camp, called Camp Buckner.

The last fun thing I’m going to be doing this summer is going to Atlanta, Georgia for my brother’s baseball. I know it sounds terrible to be watching baseball while you’re on vacation, but after Georgia, we are going to go somewhere with a beach! We don’t exactly know where yet, but I really hope it’s Florida because they have really nice beaches.beach-1212638_1280

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Now that you know what I’m going to be doing this summer, what are you doing?


This Weekend

This weekend is going to be great! I have lots of fun ahead of me; including a volleyball tournament and seeing my big family.

After school tomorrow, my family and I are heading strait for Houston for volleyball regionals. Once we get to Houston, we are probably head for our hotel, unpack, and go to dinner. On Saturday morning, we go to the convention center and play very early. We play pool play Saturday, and brackets on Sunday. I’m hoping that we finish early on Sunday because we are going to College Station that night for my great aunt and uncle’s 50th Anniversary.

I’m quite excited for the anniversary because I barely ever see my family that lives out of Austin, and they’re my closest cousins in age. We’re also supposed to have the party at my cousin’s house that just got a new puppy. What I’m NOT excited about, is that the party will be over at 10 on a school night and we still have to drive 2 hours to get home.

That’s what my weekend is gonna look like! What is yours gonna be like?

The Chihuahua Poem

The Chihuahua
By: Me

His body was small
And white
And fluffy,
And as he passed the gate
He floundered,
And fell to the ground
On his stomach.
And I saw his paws stumble
And click clacky click,
And eyes of dark brown,
Big and round and hairy.
Then out of the door,
With fur as white as snow
Running along the fence
He jumped—that strange dog,
Small, white, fluffy,
Part chihuahua, part terrier,
Part nothing—for his heart was large.

Inspired by “The Shark” by Ted Kooser


If Feeling Isn’t in It
By: John Brehm
Pixabay CC0
Dogs will also lick your face if you let them.
Their bodies will shiver with happiness.
A simple walk in the park is just about
the height of contentment for them, followed
by a bowl of food, a bowl of water,
a place to curl up and sleep. Someone
to scratch them where they can’t reach
and smooth their foreheads and talk to them.
Dogs also have a natural dislike of mailmen
and other bringers of bad news and will
bite them on your behalf. Dogs can smell
fear and also love with perfect accuracy.
There is no use pretending with them.
Nor do they pretend. If a dog is happy
or sad or nervous or bored or ashamed
or sunk in contemplation, everybody knows it.
They make no secret of themselves.
You can even tell what they’re dreaming about
by the way their legs jerk and try to run
on the slippery ground of sleep.
Nor are they given to pretentious self-importance.
They don’t try to impress you with how serious
or sensitive they are. They just feel everything
full blast. Everything is off the charts
with them. More than once I’ve seen a dog
waiting for its owner outside a café
practically implode with worry. “Oh, God,
what if she doesn’t come back this time?
What will I do? Who will take care of me?
I loved her so much and now she’s gone
and I’m tied to a post surrounded by people
who don’t look or smell or sound like her at all.”
And when she does come, what a flurry
of commotion, what a chorus of yelping
and cooing and leaps straight up into the air!
It’s almost unbearable, this sudden
fullness after such total loss, to see
the world made whole again by a hand
on the shoulder and a voice like no other.
This poem is about dogs. I love dogs or any type of animal. This is also about what a dog does during the day. You would never know what a dog does during the day. It makes me feel happy that there are poems about my favorite animal. Have fun reading it!

Best Places to go in Florida!

Have you ever been to Florida? If you haven’t, but want to, here are some places you should go to.



Pixabay CC0

Destin is the most beautiful place on earth.The beaches are so pretty and clear, you can see every fish in the entire sea.  Destin is known to have some of the softest, whitest beaches in the world. You should go there some time to have the time of your life!



Pixabay CC0

Seaside is definitely somewhere you want to go! In the Circle, or the main area, there are food trailers, shops, and delicious restaurants. Some of the food trailers are the best thing you’ll ever taste, like Barefoot BBQ and Frost Bites. Just down the street there are beaches you can go to. Have a fun time in Seaside!

Rosemary Beach


Pixabay CC0

Rosemary Beach is full of fun and exciting things to do. There is a shopping center filled with restaurants, candy shops, clothing stores, bike riding, and much more! The beaches are so beautiful, you just want to swim in them 24/7!

All of these places are fabulous, and I hope you can go to them soon


Helping Others

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re really sad, and no one cares to notice or help? I hate that feeling, that’s why I help others.

First off, the world would be depressed. For example: in an episode of SpongeBob, SB ordered an evil side online so he could say no, but it got out of control. He made a lot of people sad and angry at him for what he did. Later in the episode, he got the evil out him. Just remember, if Sponge Bob wasn’t in Bikini Bottom, the ocean would be a sad place.

Secondly, people who have helped, have changed the world. For example, Martin Luther King Jr., he changed the world by his famous speeches. His speeches encouraged people to do amazing things, and they eventually payed off and black people became free. He definitely changed the world for the better.

Helping others can truly change the world for the better or the worse. You should help others today!

My Life’s Blueprint

For the rest of your life, you need to have a blueprint or else you won’t be ready for what is next to come. This is mine:

First off, I need to have a fun and happy family with: a husband that is handsome, generous, and strong. I want 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. And for pets I want a dog and a sloth, which is my spirit animal.

Secondly, I want a job that pays for my family, and it has to be something I want to do, something that I enjoy. Cooking. That’s the one. I can see myself one day, baking for my family while watching my own cooking show.

And most importantly, I want people around me that care about me, not pretend to care, but actually care and love me.

So that’s my life blueprint. What is yours?

Star Wars Review

If you looked at my last blog post, you would see part of a Star Wars review. Now I’m gonna finish it.

I finished last time when Poe got captured by the First Order. Let’s see what happens next:

After Poe gets captured, he gets a visit from a Storm Trooper he named Fin. We first saw Fin when he was a Storm Trooper at the first battle of the movie when his fellow Trooper died and he wiped his blood on Fin’s mask. Anyway, Fin gets Poe out, and they are on their way to Jakaw.

Before they get (crash land) there, we meet a girl named Rey. Where she finds BB-8 (who was in last post). Which I think pretty much the whole movie is about finding him because it has the last piece of the map to Luke Skywalker.

Side Question: Does anyone else think that Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter? I think so.

Toward the end, my favorite character of the first three movies (episodes 4,5,&6), Han Solo dies:(. In the end, the Resistence gets the map, and Rey finds Luke on a mountain.

Best Cookies Ever And Star Wars

This past weekend was a really good one: on Friday I had volleyball practice, on Saturday my aunt and uncle came over and I made delicious cookies,on Sunday I watched Star Wars, and on Monday we watched the new Star Wars, and we went to the Shake Shack. Look below for my review of Star Wars: WARNING THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Well my dad had just got me in to Star Wars, for I’m new to the fandom but anyway, The movie starts off with a battle at Jakaw (I don’t know how to spell it), where they introduced us to Poe and BB-8. Poe tells BB-8 to go as far away as he can with (part of) a map to Luke Skywalker; which in the movie, everyone ends up wanting. But anyways, they end up capturing Poe,  taking him to the first order…

For more go to my next blog post.


My Trip to Hawaii

Hawaii, in my opinion, is the best place to go on vacation. Even though I’ve never been out of the country, it’s the best place I’VE been to. We went over winter break, and it was AWESOME! So many cool things to see and do!

We left on the afternoon of Christmas and got back New Years. The flight is really long; that’s the only bad thing I have to say about it. Once you get there it’s all fun and games, literally. The beach is beautiful with icy blue waters, the sun was hot enough to give me really bad sunburns, the pools were cool and would glisten in the sunlight, we got to go snorkeling seeing the state fish: the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (I know its a weird name), and the great thing was that we brought our camera and gopro to catch all our great adventures!

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