September 21

All Alone


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Everyone’s gone. Where did they go?

It’s Tuesday, December 15th, I am sitting alone on  a park bench writing this, I don’t see movement. Earlier today I took a walk through the woods, no bunnies, no deer, just a slow, soft breeze.

It’s winter so it’s freezing cold outside but going inside won’t help, it will be just as cold. No heat is going through the vents, no one is here. I didn’t cause this if that’s what your thinking, I just woke up and noticed there was no movement. No people.

Wait…is that…a person! Are you kidding me, five hours alone and there is someone here.

Her name is Ashley, she’s…strange. We will be having a perfectly good conversation and then she will just walk off and say not to follow her. I don’t understand, she has been alone as long as I have and yet she seems bored with the world.

It’s the next day, it’s getting colder but I have met three other people and they all act the same as Ashley, having a conversation then just walking off. I don’t get it, but it’s okay, I just want people.

He left, Chris left, the only person who would actually stay for most of the conversation left and never came back. I miss him, I want him to come back, he needs to come back! But I won’t leave, the monsters will get me if I do, that’s what Ashley said.

It’s dark!? I don’t understand, it hasn’t been dark in a year. Another person left, Mary, she wasn’t nice, I never liked her anyway, it’s just another person gone that I miss. Chris never came back, Ashley said the nonstarters got to him. picked his brain and that if he ever came back to run from him.

I’m alone… everyone left. I’m here with Ashley but she won’t talk to me anymore. Before she stopped talking she said the monsters were here, I’ve seen them. Large things that walk around, teeth like daggers waiting for me. I have heard them calling to me at the dark time, I want to go see them, they could be nice, but I won’t Ashley said they were mean.

I am outside, it’s the dark time, I see the monsters, he’s coming, Chris, I hug him…WAIT NO!

I am on a table, all I see are lights, I’m at the hospital… What happened? 

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  1. luken6

    This is a cool idea. I like the mystery in it… Where is everyone? Why has there been no night time in a year? Who are the nonstarters? Who are the monsters? Very cool fonts and organization as well.


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