September 25


Sound…that’s all I know, all the senses I have. My eyes stopped working, there’s a force on them I can’t describe, it’s not painful just…odd.

I was walking around, listening as best I could to the long echo that seemed to last for years. A drip. A single drip of water hitting the floor nearly made me run back, but no, I had to get out.

What happened in this place is too…intense for me to talk about. I didn’t run, no. That would only trigger the alarm, this was the slower way but I knew no one would see me down here.

Another drip. This time I expected it, but not what happened next, a footstep. I froze, everything that I could still control tensed up. Another step echoed throughout the hall, it, whatever it was, was getting closer.

It started to speed up, this was no guard, no. They are not allowed out this late and even if it was the head guard, he would not walk in such a random pattern. It was another…me. I walked to the right, not hugging a wall anymore I became nervous but I kept going. I stepped in a puddle, the person, who ever it was. Ran.

This was a stupid mistake for us both, the alarm sounded. I could not see the red blaring lights but I knew they were there, I know from experience. I turned around, not completely knowing where I was going, I just didn’t want to get busted, who knew what they would take from me next.

I ran as fast as I could, the coldness from the winter was making my breaths shorter, but I couldn’t walk. I kept running knowing I must be close to my room at the end of the hall now, I started to slow down, feeling the soft carpet below my feet I knew I was in my room. I slowly turned and closed the door, the worst part about not being able to see was, anyone could be in my room, anything for that matter, and yet I would never know.

I did know one thing for sure, I would be trapped here forever, no escape. I felt along the wall to find a picture, we weren’t allowed to have pictures. This was the head guards room, I was along the wrong side of the hall so I went into the wrong room. I knew my hearing would be next.

No sight, no sound, no smell, theirs nothing left. The door opened and closed and I stood in fear.

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4 thoughts on “Sound

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    Wonderful narration! I like the fact that I can see and feel and hear everything the character is experiencing, including her inner thoughts! Well done.

  2. Rachel Sands

    Excellent story! I was on the edge of my seat! I felt like I was right there! There was a great and suspenseful story line which I felt was very exciting. This reminds me of when someone realizes they are blind. Is that what happened to this interesting character? You did an amazing job writing this.

    1. londonb3 (Post author)

      Thank you so much, I had a lot of fun thinking of the story and writing it even through it’s short. The character is blind and this helped me to become better at describing the sounds and smells and stuff like that. I will say, I wont tell you how this happened to her or where she is because then you can either imagine the worst or best for her. I’m so glad you liked this post of mine and I will have to check out some of yours!

  3. Maggie Leary

    Wow London, I was so tense while reading this. Excellent story and so well written.


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