September 30

Test Part 1- Noise

The fight was just around the corner, my feet pounding on the wet pavement below me created a subtle “splash”. I had to get off this trap, I knew it was, when your in the middle of no where with a bunch of strangers looking for you, any noise will alarm them. I came across a fork in the road one side said “Hide and Loud” the other said “Quiet and Open” both in black letters on an almost blinding sign.  A red button sat below them and two steel doors blocked my way from seeing what it looked like, this was up to me. I didn’t have long to make a choice, they would be coming soon. Open is a blank space to me with nothing so in that case I would have to rely on my fighting skills which are not great. At least in the other place I would have a place to hide, but there could be some trick to this, I know the Masters like to play tricks. I would have thought this over longer but I heard the “splash” of someone coming to me. I ran to the “Quiet and Open” side and slammed my hand on the button hoping this would not be the mistake that cost me my life.

It seemed as though the door took ages to open but I finally ran through not looking back to see who it was. After running for about thirty minutes I knew it was safe to look at my surroundings, trees filled the arena up, some almost fifty feet up. This was a forest with plenty of places to hide and below me was dirt and a few pieces of thin grass. It was a test, to see who had the confidence to face off against everyone else, I passed. Behind me was another steel wall, full of rusty nails that would be perfect to slow someone down, hopefully that wasn’t me.

I kept on running but this take at an angle, trying to get away from the wall full of rust. I eventually got to this big tree, it seemed almost out of place enough to have a secret, they have one every year. I searched the bottom part of the trunk hoping to see something but there was nothing, I saw some branches that looked like stairs climbing up and took that as a sign to climb up. I hesitated to do so because if I fell that was it, they weren’t going to try and save me but I needed supplies. I climbed up the branches that felt to wimpy to hold me but they stuck to the tree and didn’t even move. I grabbed the next branch I was almost twelve feet in the air when I heard a snap, the branch below me broke, all I had was the one branch above to hold on to and if that one broke this one wasn’t going to last much longer, I didn’t know what to do.