October 16

Great, Winter is Coming

Some people really like winter, they can’t wait for the warm fuzzy blankets, the hot coco, the bright light of the fire. Others, like me, can’t wait for winter to end.

I don’t get why people like winter, it’s freezing cold outside and there is school which no one really LOVES school. Winter is really just a big let down. You think it’s going to be magical this year, and it’s going to snow everyday and be as bright as the sun. When in reality it’s dark cold and dry, there is very little snow and even if it is cold enough to snow it’s just going to become ice or sleet.

I do like winter don’t get me wrong, it’s all fun until after New Year’s Eve. After that’s it’s just sad and disappointing, it’s not fun anymore and you just want it to end. Christmas is really the only winter holiday that counts, most of the time New Years is your parents excuse to have their friends over and not yours.

Winter can be fun I see that. The warms fuzzy blankets covering you while you sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate, but there would be no need for any of that if it was just warm all the time. In some places it does snow, but it Texas it just covers everything in ice at best.

I don’t know, winter after Christmas is pointless to me. If you really like winter and you want to tell me why let me know!

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1 thoughts on “Great, Winter is Coming

  1. ryanb3

    I do see what you mean, but I still enjoy it. Winter to me is spending time with family, friends, and just whoever makes you happy. Every winter me and my family go skiing to spend time together. Texas is a bum out sometimes, like when the news says it will be below 32 degrees, and it doesn’t snow. This is how I feel about winter.

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