November 20

Test Part 4: Monsters around me

I could see nothing but dirt, trees, and old stone buildings that could be torn down with the breath of the wind, and yet there were people. Not people from these…what-ever-you-call-it, but people from the real world. Out side of this made up fantasy world that I now live in. Did I find a way out? Is this a trap? Will they kill me with one glance? Who knows. I took my little pocket knife out, but it was hidden in my cloak of leaves.

“Hello? Can someone help me?” I screech. I hadn’t had water in forever, and I hadn’t talked in forever. My voice was nothing but a whisper. “Please, someone? Get me out of here!”
“Stop talking, you sound like a beggar,” someone snapped.
“Excuse me? How dare you!” my voice started to come back to life.
“Why do you look like a tree’s trash bag?” someone else passed me.
“This is what I’m trying to tell you! If you would just shut your mouth and listen…” I know the test: the last part was to see what I could do with the worst bag ever. This one was to stay calm when everyone around me was judging me.
“Um…hello earth to ugly.” he laughed then left
My fists started to clench, but I had to pass this. I want going to lose just because I can’t keep my cool.

I walked. Trying to hum to a song that wasn’t playing to keep out the horrible things that were around me. Monsters you could say. I had to get out, I had to find a way out. The last test I spent 3 days on. This one had to be one day or I would fail. I knew this test, my father had to take this test before he left. He failed, and I couldn’t.

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2 thoughts on “Test Part 4: Monsters around me

  1. Jacquelyn

    Hi London,
    This is a great series! Is this the end or is there another story coming soon?


    1. londonb3 (Post author)

      There is a next part to this coming soon! I’m glad you like this series. It’s soooo fun to write.


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