January 13

Test Part: 5: Flicker

“Why are you trying so hard?” An old woman with a came told me.

What is this test? To see how long I could last? To see my response? What is the point of this? I will never understand, but I was starting to go insane. People looking, judging, screaming at me and telling me where I should go when I die. They called me names. Horrible names that even I, a 16 year old girl who went to the worst school, didn’t even know.

I walked for what seemed like hours: only to come across a building. Not the ones from before that were falling apart, but a clean, new, glass building. There were people inside that weren’t like the ones on the street. They wore normal people clothes, fancy ones, but normal clothes. Everyone was either at a computer or pacing back and fourth like there was something to worry about. There was still something off. The more I looked at the building everything else around me: flickered. This one shiny glass building was sturdy and still, but the more I looked at it then looked around the more the people, buildings, even the sidewalks flickered.

I stood there and stared. The people around me were skipping when they spoke like a broken CD. I gathered up the courage to see the hundreds of people waiting to judge. Hundreds of eyes staring at me like I was a freak. Hundreds of eyes wanting to kill me with one glance. I had to do it. There was a reason this was here, and that reason was for me and me alone.

I circled the building about 20 times before realizing there was no door, but there was a way in. A small slit in the corner of the building was the only way in. I made sure the glass wasn’t sharp, and that I could actually fit without getting stuck or breaking anything which I could. I slipped in the crack and everyone in the building turned to face me. They were staring like I was a freak. Then everything went black.


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