January 27

The Phantoms Lair

A small muddy path leads to a dark cave-like place. The room was very dim; the only light was from a single spot light on a mannequin with a wedding dress on fit for Christine. A throne fit for a king lay next to the old, worn wedding dress. The throne seemed to have a gold trim and the bright red velvet that you sat on was now a dusty gray color.
The piles of broken props from past opera’s that don’t have a place anymore went all the way up to the ceiling. A table in the far corner of the room only had to objects and a blueprint for what looked like a music box, but this project was given up on. The cobwebs covered the two objects so you can’t even tell what they once were.
In another corner lay a sheet over what looked like a piece of furniture, but it was really dead bodies, or skeletons I should say, that were so old they came together. You couldn’t tell where one person began and another ended.
Nooses were hung almost everywhere waiting for someone to get caught, but the question is: Who were they waiting for?

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