February 9

Test- Part 6: Shatter the Floor

Dark, dark, and more dark. It was everywhere. What now? I walk around with my hands at my head looking for a light switch or…God forbid…something else. I walked and walked and walk for hours in the same direction without hitting a wall, or a switch for that matter. I squat down and touch the floor. Glass. Why is the floor glass? How is it black? Is this my way out? What do I break the glass with? Then I hear it. “Help.”

I walk around towards the voice. My feet are echoing every step I take. “Help.” I hear again. The more this girl or woman says it the more distressed it sounds. After, what seemed like, hours I found her. And of course the sneaky jerks controlling this thing gave her a rock. A rock to kill me with.

I started to run, but I couldn’t see her, but she couldn’t see me either. I ran and ran and ran until I tripped on something. A rock. I wasn’t killing anyone. I wasn’t that type of person. I picked up the rock and ran. I ran for another 20 minutes with miss kill kill kill behind me. Then I realized. A rock (that I had to find). Glass floors. Danger.

Shatter the floor.


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