February 11

I’m a Bit Obsessed…

It’s really become a true problem in my life. No one can show me anything these days without me getting WAY to into it: TV shows, music, movies. You name it and at some point I have been obsessed with it. All of it, has not only taken over my life, but I would rather live in that fantasy world than the real one in front of me. I will actually go to my room, close the blinds, windows, turn off the lights, put in headphones, and sit there and watch the show or movie or what ever.

The worst one was How I Met Your Mother. I had watched it all the way through in a period of a month–THERE ARE 9 SEASONS OF THIS SHOW! 9 22-25 episode seasons that I finished in one month. That’s almost 17 hours a day (it was during the summer I do go to school, but do I have a life…no, no I don’t). The worst part is that I didn’t just watch that once, I watched the entire series 5 more times. I can almost recite every episode. It’s not something I’m proud of.

So the moral of this story is don’t show me anything unless you want constant texts about what going on. Just…just don’t.

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