March 3

Test-Part 7: Falling


That’s all I know right now. My mind is blank. I can’t open my eyes, yet I am as calm as I have ever been. Where am I? I don’t care. It’s peaceful, quiet, just what I want. To be left alone.┬áThen I see it. An old memory of me and my dad.

“Come on you can do it.” he says pushing me on my bike.

“No I can’t. It’s on two wheels. I’m gonna fall…again.” I say being my snarky self.

“Don’t say that,” he says ignoring my comment, “just try. I know you can do this.”

“Fine.” and there I go. Pushing myself forward thinking “Make him proud” “You’ve got this” and I did. I made it to the end of the hill. My dad is running toward me, and I’m running toward him. ┬áThen, this beautiful memory, was snatched away from me. My dad falls through a hold in the sidewalk that wasn’t there before. It closes. The once bright, happy, and sunny park became something of a nightmare. My dad was gone. The sun was gone. It was a dark, depressing place.

I then saw my mom. Standing in front of me. She reached out to me, but something made me stop from doing the same to her. Her arm went down. Mine went up. She turned away. And fell through the same door as my dad. I was alone. Then I started to float.


Back to the same thing I knew before. My mind is blank. I can’t open my eyes, but this time I’m not calm. I forgot the reason I was here, and that was to win, find my dad, call my mom, and make everything as normal as possible.

I open my eyes and see a room. I have not been falling. I’m in a bed. A hospital bed, and again I feel peaceful.


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1 thoughts on “Test-Part 7: Falling

  1. Lily

    Wow. That was an amazing poem. You are a great writer. I liked how detailed it was; it makes it easier to picture in your head.


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