October 6

In the Shadows

The lonely little light in the distance seems to dance in the still of the night. I’m sure it’s just a hallucination, there would be no one out here who would help me, just kill me. In fact no one alive would be out here this late, except me. I do need to get back to the safe house but every time I move the swampy floor below me squishes making it harder to hide from the black shadows that haunt the night.

The light is now gone, covered, by one of the shadows who is looking for the next victim to join. This…thing is no more then a foot away from my face, I could just try and run but they will hear and catch me, it’s a race that I can’t win. It’s just like when you ask your friend to see who can run the fastest to a certain distance except your friend completely cheats and flys. I slow my breaths hoping that the black beast that stands before me will give up and move on to the next lonely wanderer.

I look around me hoping to find a way to escape but all I see are shadows in the trees that seem to tear through the stars to the heavens. The dark and foul smelling waters below me are no better, they were once full of frogs and fish and was now full of dark mystery and sadness that the shadows have created for the entire village. After a long painful hour of just standing there they finally move on, some stupid girl ran away from the dark ones . The screeching of the shadows was like nails on a chalk board but I had to endure it so they wouldn’t come back.

I look back around and see the trees, the water, and the muddy swampy ground. I smell the foul stench of death in the water, I went to walk back to the building still keeping quiet. The smell and the darkness that is so intense is swallows my heart and crushes it, it made me sick to think of all the lost pets, the lost children, the lost souls that were once alive in this wasteland. I don’t know how I got back alive, I am the only one to tell the tale of the shadows, but it happend, and I am here.

September 15

Blue and Silver


Image via Pixapay CC0

Image via Pixapay CC0

Meeting the teachers is meant to be simple, saying hello and driving home, blah, blah, blah. That is true, if you look like everyone else.

My blue hair and silver nose piercing tends to throw people off a bit. Everyone thinks I’m some hardcore chick who doesn’t care about anything. So when I met my teachers and students who I would have classes with everyone watches me like a hawk in class. If I accidentally drop something I get sent to the principal’s office.

The reason I don’t just go back to my natural blonde hair is because I don’t want to be the preppy zombie like everyone has become. It’s like a plague out there and the only way to hide from it is to be different. My friend gets it too, her hair is green and she has a lip piercing and people treat her the same way they treat me, like a loner.

I look different, I act different, that’s because I am different.


This is my little authors note: I wrote “Blue and Silver” to show that it is okay to be different. I really don’t think people realize that this happens everyday in life. Just because your hair is dyed and you have a perceiving, that suddenly means that your some monster who will kill you with just one look. It’s not true, I’m hoping this story will open peoples eyes and show them that this actually happens to everyone, even if their hair is not a different color or if they have a piercing. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this, bye!