Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

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I saw Blade Runner a long time ago, loved it, but as time passed my memory of the film faded. More recently I watched an excellent film called Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve. My dad later said that this guy was directing the sequel to Blade Runner. I thought that that was interesting at the time, but overall I let that comment slip through my memory without locking it in. But as the trailers for the new film started to surface, I was immediately pulled in and now am longing for its release.



In light of the imminent release of Blade Runner 2049, Blade Runner the Final Cut was released recently at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. The Drafthouse is my favorite theater, so my family got tickets to see this movie in 4K restoration.

Blade Runner is about a retired cop, Deckerd, who hunts down replicants, which are synthetic humans. His former employer gives him an assignment to hunt down and “retire” four replicants who have escaped a colony and come to Earth to meet their creator. He goes to a corporation called the Tyrel Corporation to see if a test can differentiate a replicant from a human. There he meets a replicant with whom he falls in love.

Blade Runner is fantastic!

The visual effects are stunning, and though I have never been a fan of 80’s music, in this film it was great! The setting in Los Angeles feels raw and edgy, and the entire set feels authentic.

The actors are riveting, and Harrison Ford , as Deckerd, was, in my opinion, perfect for the role. Harrison Ford inhabits a character that you just can’t imagine being played by anyone else. It’s like Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery–each of them were made for these roles.

I said the visual effects were “stunning”, but words are inadequate. These effects hold up to today’s standards, no, they surpass them.  As I watched the scenes where ships were flying over a futuristic city, I felt I was in danger, stressed, I literally felt I was in Los Angeles in 2019.

They changed the ending from the Theatrical Cut, that borrowed footage from The Shining. Why? The Final Cut’s ending was so much better. No voice over, just an ending. Something that leaves you thinking, and not giving you a happy ending.

But Blade Runner the Final Cut is, without question, one of the best,  most important, most beautiful and thought provoking films of all time.

What else would Blade Runner The Final Cut get besides a…



4 thoughts on “Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

  1. Thanks for the review. I love the Alamo Drafthouse too! I have been thinking about seeing the new Bladerunner movie and your blog post has made me even more interested. I haven’t seen the original Bladerunner movie but I bet my dad would love to watch it again with me.

  2. dear Luka
    Hi I watched the new blade runner two days ago i thought the cast was amazing and special effects where even better. the story line is unique and special in every way. if you want to check out my blog you can find it at
    sincerely Gavin

  3. I really like the detail that you included, it describes the movie in depth and helps me understand why the movie is as good as you rated it as. Also I like how you added in other information about other movies and how they compare tp the new movie “Blade runner 2049”. Keep up the good work and thanks for making me now want to see that movie.

    Akshay Nair, Woodlawn Illinois

  4. Dear luka,
    I really liked your comments on those movies. When I get home I’m going to watch the movies you told me about.

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