The Winter Time


The Winter Time

By: Luca Jadric


There goes the summer breeze,

The last breath of lovely flowers and trees

Here comes the freezing weather,

Winter’s welcoming us to get together


Inside your warm and comfy home,

You sit and enjoy the winter biome

Baking gingerbread cookies in the evening,

And wrapping presents before sleeping


You head out to go up the mountain,

Rising higher and higher before feeling uncertain

But once you reach the top,

You feel the world stop


Every breath


Every step


Sending a jitter of enticement,

And making you feel so much excitement!


You speed down going fast,

Wanting to never be the last

But once you reach the bottom,

There appears to be a problem


You don’t want to stop


You ski until your body is sore,

And until your strength is poor

Then you go back home with the falling sun,

And relax in this world of so much fun


Authors Note:

I chose to write this poem about what I love most. It’s about my winter most years. We love to go skiing, it’s our favorite sport. Making cookies, not only gingerbread, and Christmas is what we always do as tradition. We usually spend about a week either in Utah or Colorado in different places skiing all day. We love to explore the mountains and travel to new places. Thank you for reading my poem about what I love.


Luca Jadric