Aleo’ker and Fenrir


The gods sent me, Aleo’ker, an immortal hero, on a journey no regular mortal could withstand. The hunt for Fenrir, the most vicious of all creatures alive and in myth. I sent out on the trip to Valhalla, where the “Land of Flames” sits, and where the ground spits fire. This trek took me a fortnight of rigorous terrain, consisting of mountains reaching the stars, deserts where the sun never fades, and the deep dark fen where evil creatures stir.  Here I arrive, to the cave named Du’Koria, the entrance to death, fear, and the unknown. The land where Fenrir waits for those worthy enough to even face his way. I enter, each step echoing into darkness, the faint dripping of water off the ceiling. Each breath can be heard a mile away, no life lives here, only the stalking and lurking of the afterlife.  As I reach further into the cave, I see a faint light. That light grows and darkens to a crimson flare. Here I am, in Valhalla. Some say it’s where the soldiers of war after death go and wait until they’re called for battle. When I enter, I see what is a mountain of rigid rock, though, flowing side to side. Unsure, I walk further. In the corner of my eye, I notice something twitch. Before long, I see the mountain rise higher and higher never stopping, until I realize what it is. Fenrir, lord of wolves. Standing taller than any building, he stares at me with his bloodshot eyes, creeping a faint smile.

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