Climate Change

I think that climate change is real, and if you want to argue or agree, just comment below.

First of all, we are not currently in an ice age, right? Wrong. Right now we are supposed to be in the same ice age that wooly mammoths are in. Now, this doesn’t mean that we should be buried under a ton of ice right now, but it does mean that temperatures here in Austin should be about 70 – 80 degrees. If you walk outside at noon, then it is probably more than 70 degrees right? This is the first reason that I think climate change is real.

The second reason is China.

So far China has probably the most concern for climate change and pollution. If you have ever been to a place in China with a lot of pollution, then you know what I’m talking about. The air smells horrible, there is weird white stuff floating in the air, and you can’t even go outside for safety reasons. If this can happen to China, then why can’t it happen to us? If we continue to create pollution and releasing carbon dioxide into the air, then we won’t be far behind in the pollution race.

Now, you might be thinking, “what does pollution have to do with climate change anyway?” Well, the more pollution in the air, that means the carbon from millions of years ago is being released into the current air. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. The current amount of carbon in the air is perfect. Not too much, not to little. By putting the carbon from millions of years ago into the current atmosphere, we are effectively disrupting the perfect balance that was set in the first place. The extra carbon is trapping the heat from the sun in the atmosphere, heating up the temperature. If we don’t make efforts to stop or reverse climate change, then we could be causing a mass extinction on many levels. Watch this video and you can decide weather we are causing a mass extinction or not.

6 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. I agree that in places like China the pollution is terrible and very ba for us. But normal air pollution isn’t climate change! The climate’s been changing for 4 billion years, and humans have only existed for a tiny part of that. When the dinosaurs were around it was always super hot and humid. Now I isn’t. Air pollution is a real worry, but climate change is still a mostly unproved theory, that was publicized by Democrats to tighten energy restriction. I see that air pollution is very real in developing countries, but respectfully disagree with your opinions on global warming.

      1. Also yes, the climate is always changing, but right now it is changing way faster than it used to. It used to happen over millions and millions of years (not counting the other mass extinctions) but now it is happening on a scale where people can see it happening.

  2. A recent National Geographic article explained how methane gas is bubbling up through the melting ice in Alaska, compounding the carbon dioxide problem you explain in your post. The more methane gas that is released, the more temperatures will rise.

    Sobering stuff.

  3. I personally agree with your theory about climate change partially because I have been to China and I have seen the pollution. But I think that what Ben said was right because climate change isn’t really air pollution however the rate of change that the climate is going through right now is not good or healthy for the environment so now that I think of it I am kind of in the middle

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