The Higgs Boson

If you’ve been reading the news often, then you know that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is amped up and many times more powerful than ever. One of its main quests is to find the origin and truth of our universe.

The Higgs Boson is probably the most important thing in the universe. The theory was developed a while back by Peter Higgs and a group of other scientists. The theory generally stated that in space, there was a “Higgs Field” that made particles get mass when moving through it.

Why is this important?

In the beginning of the universe, everything was identical particles with no mass, and just floating around in space. With the Higgs Field however, when the particles moved through space, they could get mass and be able to join together and form atoms, the basic building block of the universe. The particles that interacted a lot with the Higgs Field got more mass and could become heavy particles like protons or neutrons. The ones that interacted less became electrons or other small particles like quarks and meuons. There were even particles that didn’t interact at all and became photons, and other particles with no mass.

What does the LHC have to do with this?

The LHC collides particles with 99.99(I don’t know how many more 9s)% of the speed of light, and the hope was that is you ram particles together with enough force, then you can essentially knock off a piece of space and temporarily expose the Higgs Boson, which is a particle from the Higgs Field. The math says that the mass of the Higgs Boson can tell the truth about our universe.

One theory is that our universe is one of many universes on an infinite sea of parallel universes. The problem with this theory is that according to the math, our universe is not stable and shouldn’t have survived this long. The other the theory that scientists are leaning toward is supersymmetry.

Supersymmetry is the theory that for every particle there is an opposite particle that has the opposite characteristics nobody has found. Any of these particles yet so the Higgs Boson can help us find the truth.

There is only one problem.

When we found the Higgs Boson back in 2013, the mass was ≈ 126 GeV (gigaelectron volts). However, the math said that if the mass was 135 GeV then the universe was probably one of many and if it was 115 GeV then supersymmetry was probably real. However now that it is 126, the LHC is trying to ram particles with even more force and find the truth of our universe.

So keep watching the news, and you just might be able to find out the origin of the whole universe.

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  1. I like your posts about “sciency stuff”! Your explanations are easy to follow, and that’s important to a reader.

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