Why grades are life

So, if you have ever felt the feeling of acing a test or feeling so sad if you fail one, you know firsthand why I think this way. I think grades are one of the most important things in life (after God and family).

First of all, tests and quizzes have completely different feelings. 100s on quizzes are not rare, and that is what you are expecting out of yourself. However, tests are completely different. For one, they are not as commonplace as tests, and 100s are not that easy to come by. The feeling when you ace a test, especially a math test, is unmatched with any other feeling that day. Unfortunately, there is usually that one place where you put a +2 instead of a -2 into your calculator that prevents you from getting a perfect score. I don’t know about you guys, but for me the only reason on why I don’t get a question right is because of one or two misprints or handwriting mistakes. The feeling isn’t just for math tests either. Chair tests in orchestra probably have just as much or even more suspense than math tests, and don’t even get me started on region results.

Secondly, if your parents are anything like mine, they will probably congratulate you for getting an A, but just 2 points lower into the 80s, they berate you for days. Mostly, you are hoping to get a good grade so that you can escape the lecture that is sure to follow if you don’t get an A.

Finally, you always have a deep rooted feeling that what you do now affects your future. Even though this is completely false, you are afraid that your average now will change whether or not you can get into your dream college. No one looks at your 7th grade report cards in college, but you are worried that it symbolizes that you are not smart.

If you are like this you have definitely experienced this before, and if you are not, I hope you enjoyed looking into the mind of a grade freak.

3 thoughts on “Why grades are life

  1. A lower grade than usual is fine as long as you learn from the mistakes you made. Test is not just to get a high score, but to check where you need to improve. So don’t be sad at a bad score, but pay attention what you missed in the test. Nobody can be perfect always, but everybody should work to get better and better spiritually, physically, mentally, and in the knowledges and skills to help yourself and others.

  2. Good blog post, my family is like yours in a way. In my family if you get a 88 or lower you get your phone and TV taken and a 85 or lower means no friends or basically grounded. You get these privlages back once you get your average up. So your family is more strict than mine, but I would like that so that I would put more effort into school.

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