Super Bowl Recap

So, Super Bowl LI was crazy, and I’m sure at least 30 records were broken or tied in that game. There was a whole lot of completions and points, so I will write about the turning point that led the Patriots through a 25 point comeback.

First, the Falcons’ offense started out strong, with a quick 21-0 lead that extended to 28-3 in the second quarter. Their defense showed some skill and athleticism as well. They had a pick 6 and multiple sacks and hits on Tom Brady. By the end of the second quarter, pretty much everyone thought that the falcons were sure to win.

After halftime, the Patriots didn’t get going right away. They only scored 9 points – one of which was a touchdown with a missed extra point – but at least their defense didn’t allow any more points.

However, they got the perfect jumpstart. Down 28-12, they knew they couldn’t allow any more points. With the Falcons in perfect field goal range, all they needed was a turnover. At that very moment, they get exactly what they wished for. As Matt Ryan takes the snap, Dont’a Hightower comes running straight through the offensive line and sacks Ryan, forcing a fumble and getting the Patriots back on offense.

With Tom Brady back on the field, they get the easy touchdown and 2-point conversion, making it a one score game with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. The Falcons get a huge sense of urgency and crosses into field goal range quickly. Now it’s the Patriots turn to get pumping. 2 sacks from Dont’a Hightower means that the Falcons are out of field goal range. After the punts, the Patriots make an incredible play. Tom throws a laser toward Julian Edelman, but it’s tipped! Edelman dives for it, catches it, drops it, doesn’t touch the ground, and catches it again! This play could rival the helmet catch from Super Bowl XLII or the circus catch from Super Bowl XLIX. Close to the end zone, the patriots score another 8 point TD and throws the game into overtime.

In overtime (the first OT in Super Bowl history) the Patriot win the coin toss and gets the ball. With perfect passes from Tom to Amendola, Edelman, and Hogan, James White sprints into the endzone and wins Brady’s 5th Super Bowl.

What an exciting game! The largest comeback in super bowl history ever and packed full of incredible plays! I can’t wait for Super Bowl LII and what it will bring.

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