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Next year, I will be doing a robotics team for our school. It is a team that will spent a couple months creating a robot, and a few weeks competing. This year, the team used VEX Robotics to do the competition. The competition switches every year, so I have no idea what we will be using this year.

Last year, teams did a competition called “Starstruck”, where there was a playing field and the robots tried to get as many items over a barrier as possible. There is a 15 second autonomous period where there is no driver, then a 1 minute 45 second driver controlled period. Again, I don’t know any of the rules for next year so be prepared.

We will have 2 four hour meetings a week, and we are planning to do it on Saturday 2-6 and Sunday 4-8. If this does not work for a lot of people, then we can change, but it is okay to miss a couple hours a week. I have to remind you, this is a big commitment and I need everyone to contribute to the team in any way possible.

We currently have Leon, Allan (6th grader), Harry (6th Grader) and perhaps Wes on our team. We would like more programmers on our team, but anyone can join as long as they contribute.

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  1. Cool story! I did robotics with Coach Spodick last summester, and I wasn’t very good at it. But i wish you luck for next years season!

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