What is infinity?

So, this week, I will write about something a bit different. I will be talking about a math concept commonly known as “infinity”.

Most people see infinity as a sideways 8, the common symbol. However, infinity has different levels. The first level of infinity is…….

This is the first “smallest infinity”. This is the number of all natural numbers there are. Also, all even numbers. Also, all odd numbers. Also, all rational numbers. This is the number that is equal to the sum of every single number possible.

But what if you have an ℵnumber of lines, and then you draw one after all those lines?

Would it be a ℵ+ 1? No. It would still be ℵ0, but you just start from the one after. But what if you had to show the lines in the order that it were drawn? Then it would be ω (omega). This number does not contribute to the total, but is after ℵ0. Congratulations, you have just passed infinity. After ω, it is ω + 1, then +2, then so on, then, skipping x2 and so forth, you get ω1. Then, ωω… No problem. This is just ε0. But what if there is a level of infinity, so high, that no amount of lower infinities caould reach it.


Such a number is called an inaccessible cardinal. The symbol? θ. This is a number so infathobly large that is would be impossible to reach. Interestingly enough, a shadow of this number has already been found.   ℵ0. Nothing can also reach it from below.

Congragulations. You have reached infinity.

Robotics Team

Next year, I will be doing a robotics team for our school. It is a team that will spent a couple months creating a robot, and a few weeks competing. This year, the team used VEX Robotics to do the competition. The competition switches every year, so I have no idea what we will be using this year.

Last year, teams did a competition called “Starstruck”, where there was a playing field and the robots tried to get as many items over a barrier as possible. There is a 15 second autonomous period where there is no driver, then a 1 minute 45 second driver controlled period. Again, I don’t know any of the rules for next year so be prepared.

We will have 2 four hour meetings a week, and we are planning to do it on Saturday 2-6 and Sunday 4-8. If this does not work for a lot of people, then we can change, but it is okay to miss a couple hours a week. I have to remind you, this is a big commitment and I need everyone to contribute to the team in any way possible.

We currently have Leon, Allan (6th grader), Harry (6th Grader) and perhaps Wes on our team. We would like more programmers on our team, but anyone can join as long as they contribute.

Camp Nikos

This past spring break, I went on a mission trip called Camop Nikos. If you aren’t familiar with this, it is an all youth mission trip where you go and help at risk children in East Austin that suffer from abuse, assult, poverty, among other things. The goal of the mission trip is to be a kid’s friend and counselor, but also to engage in a spiritual conversation and try to lead them to Christ.

The camp is a 5 day camp, and the campers attend activities such as swimming, art, ziplining, and others. I had fun caring for my camper and takling to them, but it was also very tiring and draining. I learned a lot by caring for someone, and I understood how prents or teachers feel when they try to care for a person that might be a little difficult. I also learned about how we are to God and how he will chase after us even when we run away.

This camp was a great experience for me to grow spriritually and mentally. I feel that I have gotten a lot more responsible throughout this experience and I will probaby be going year after year. if you want to go search up mission possible cCmp Nikos

Why listening to music is relaxing

Listening to music can be extremely relaxing, but at the same time, it can also be very distracting. I listen to music all the time, and sometimes it can be a welcome distraction, or a helpful tool.

I used to listen to pop music all the time on the radio (I know, crazy right?) but I found it too distracting so I tried other types of music. By far, the most relaxing music I have ever listened to is worship music, like the ones you sing at church. When I listen to those kinds of music, I pretty much zone out, and depending on what I’m doing, it can be helpful or harmful.

When I work, I listen to classical music. I love the listening to layers of instruments, one on top of the other. It can help me concentrate on my work and relive the stress or anger when I come across a frustrating problem or concept. I used to listen to my songs that I play in orchestra, but recently, I have gotten into some great composers like JS Bach and Tchaikovsky. I have developed a sense for classical music and it is very interesting to imagine what it would be like to see what they are playing.

I will always listen to music while I work or relax, and I think it is a great tool to use and take advantage of.

Super Bowl Recap

So, Super Bowl LI was crazy, and I’m sure at least 30 records were broken or tied in that game. There was a whole lot of completions and points, so I will write about the turning point that led the Patriots through a 25 point comeback.

First, the Falcons’ offense started out strong, with a quick 21-0 lead that extended to 28-3 in the second quarter. Their defense showed some skill and athleticism as well. They had a pick 6 and multiple sacks and hits on Tom Brady. By the end of the second quarter, pretty much everyone thought that the falcons were sure to win.

After halftime, the Patriots didn’t get going right away. They only scored 9 points – one of which was a touchdown with a missed extra point – but at least their defense didn’t allow any more points.

However, they got the perfect jumpstart. Down 28-12, they knew they couldn’t allow any more points. With the Falcons in perfect field goal range, all they needed was a turnover. At that very moment, they get exactly what they wished for. As Matt Ryan takes the snap, Dont’a Hightower comes running straight through the offensive line and sacks Ryan, forcing a fumble and getting the Patriots back on offense.

With Tom Brady back on the field, they get the easy touchdown and 2-point conversion, making it a one score game with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. The Falcons get a huge sense of urgency and crosses into field goal range quickly. Now it’s the Patriots turn to get pumping. 2 sacks from Dont’a Hightower means that the Falcons are out of field goal range. After the punts, the Patriots make an incredible play. Tom throws a laser toward Julian Edelman, but it’s tipped! Edelman dives for it, catches it, drops it, doesn’t touch the ground, and catches it again! This play could rival the helmet catch from Super Bowl XLII or the circus catch from Super Bowl XLIX. Close to the end zone, the patriots score another 8 point TD and throws the game into overtime.

In overtime (the first OT in Super Bowl history) the Patriot win the coin toss and gets the ball. With perfect passes from Tom to Amendola, Edelman, and Hogan, James White sprints into the endzone and wins Brady’s 5th Super Bowl.

What an exciting game! The largest comeback in super bowl history ever and packed full of incredible plays! I can’t wait for Super Bowl LII and what it will bring.

Why grades are life

So, if you have ever felt the feeling of acing a test or feeling so sad if you fail one, you know firsthand why I think this way. I think grades are one of the most important things in life (after God and family).

First of all, tests and quizzes have completely different feelings. 100s on quizzes are not rare, and that is what you are expecting out of yourself. However, tests are completely different. For one, they are not as commonplace as tests, and 100s are not that easy to come by. The feeling when you ace a test, especially a math test, is unmatched with any other feeling that day. Unfortunately, there is usually that one place where you put a +2 instead of a -2 into your calculator that prevents you from getting a perfect score. I don’t know about you guys, but for me the only reason on why I don’t get a question right is because of one or two misprints or handwriting mistakes. The feeling isn’t just for math tests either. Chair tests in orchestra probably have just as much or even more suspense than math tests, and don’t even get me started on region results.

Secondly, if your parents are anything like mine, they will probably congratulate you for getting an A, but just 2 points lower into the 80s, they berate you for days. Mostly, you are hoping to get a good grade so that you can escape the lecture that is sure to follow if you don’t get an A.

Finally, you always have a deep rooted feeling that what you do now affects your future. Even though this is completely false, you are afraid that your average now will change whether or not you can get into your dream college. No one looks at your 7th grade report cards in college, but you are worried that it symbolizes that you are not smart.

If you are like this you have definitely experienced this before, and if you are not, I hope you enjoyed looking into the mind of a grade freak.

Super Bowl

So, the teams in the Super Bowl are decided, and is will be a Patriots Falcons game in Houston. I think the Patriots have a better chance of winning for a couple of reasons.

1. Defense: I know it’s surprising that I am talking about how good the Patriots defense is, but they are the highest scoring defense in the NFL. Not the best defense, as they do allow a lot of yards, but in the red zone, they are very successful at making stops and forcing the other team to go for 3.

2. Adaptability: This is a major factor, and I think that because their defense is very consistent no matter what team they play. A lot of people thought that the Steelers would win the AFC championship because the Patriots have not played any good teams for a long time. However, the Steelers, even though they were a better team than the Texans, still got stopped in the same way as the Texans.

3. Coverage: I think that people think that the Falcons will win because Julio Jones will go off for a ton of yards and touchdowns. Frankly, I think that is not the key. The Patriots have some great safeties and defensive backs, so the real way is probably going to be to get the running backs going — for the Patriots and the Falcons.

These are some reasons why the Patriots can wil Super Bowl 51. Maybe I will do why the Falcons can win next week.

NFL playoff picture

As we are nearing the Super Bowl in Feb. 3, I want to take a look at the playoffs for the next few weeks.


Patriots vs Texans: I definitely think the Patriots are going to win this one. With JJ Watt out and nothing going on their offense, the Texans are going to have a rough time in New England, especially with the cold up in Massachusetts. The NFL favors the Patriots by 15 points, and I think this is a straight ticket to the conference championships.

Steelers vs Chiefs: To me, this is surprise that the Chiefs even made it this far in the playoffs. This will still be a good matchup, and I think the steelers might edge out the Chiefs and play the Pats in the conference championships.


Cowboys vs Packers: This will be tough for both teams. I think this will depend on injuries and defense. both teams have an incredible quarterback and receiver matchup, and I think the Packers’ offensive line will give Aaron Rodgers some time to get rid of the ball. No predictions for this game.

Seahawks vs Falcons: Again, a very good matchup. I think the Seahawks running game and defense might turn the tide in their favor, but the Atlanta offense might push through and become a major factor. Again, no predictions.

These games will be very exciting, and I can’t wait for the games this weekend

Update: Patriots, Cowboys, and Seahawks

Patiots: If you’ve read my Super Bowl predictions, you know that the Patriots are my favorite team. I haven’t lost hope in them yet, but I am concerned about Rob Gronkowski’s health. He needs surgery in his back and will be out for 8 weeks at best. The Super Bowl is in 9 weeks, so he might play there if the Patriots do well in the playoffs. I am also concerned about the Patriots’ defense, because they have been letting easily defended catches and runs slip through.

Cowboys: A lot of you guys were mad because I didn’t put the Cowboys on my Super Bowl predictions, and here’s why: Although the Cowboys have a.decent record, there’s no way they will start Dak Prescott over a healthy Tony Romo. Some might argue, but once Tony Romo starts, I think they do not have a great chance of making the Super Bowl. Still plausible, but not likely.

Seahawks: The Seahawks still have a fine offense and a great defense, but one thing bothers me, Earl Thomas III is injured, and he is the player that makes incredible defensive plays. Now, I think the Seahawks defense might not be as impenetrable as it was before.

Orlando Day 3 (Universal Studios)

As I heard the alarm, unlike most days, I wanted to keep sleeping. I was tired, my feet ached and I was annoyed at Albert for keeping me up till 3 in the morning. I finally woke up after Freddy kicked me in the side as he got out of bed.

When I got to Universal, we went directly to Harry Potter world. I never actually read or watched the Harry Potter books, so I felt kind of left out. I still rode a lot of the rides, and I was exhausted after that day. We also watched a show on Disney characters at Hollywood Studios at night that day. Half of my group went to ride one last ride- the tower of terror- while Harvey and I went back to the hotel.

As I was riding the bus home, however, my roommates had other plans. We again stayed up watching tv and playing cards. I climbed into bed and I was so exhausted, I barely heard my roommates talking about our day at Hollywood Studios tomorrow .