The book I decided to read first is called, Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson. It is a story and a biography of her beautiful life changed by God. She has lived almost her whole life in her family centered community in West Monroe, Louisiana. She has grown up as a Duck Commander daughter and she has been on the show called Duck Dynasty made by her family. Anyways, her book is about fear, and I know that is a pretty broad topic but the book is about her facing fear and overcoming it with God’s help alone. She has been a very successful teenager and now a 21 year old striving for Jesus. The book talks a lot about her fear while she was a child and how it really ruined her teenage years, it also addresses that fear has a way of stopping you from doing the things you love and cherish. It also talks about how there are so many people in your life that will help you go through this journey if you are in the same place as Sadie was, stuck in fear.

This book was more a biography book then a fictional or a historical book. I loved the book and I thought she did a really beautiful job of including her amazing story and how a broken fearful girl was changed into an incredible light for Jesus!

If you want to learn more about her amazing and incredible story there is a link to check her out!

Live Fearless: book website 

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