Rest In Peace

I have just informed that one week ago my friend David has passed. The first time we met was at Costco, I was with my dad and the he passed me with Twix, the guide dog he was training. At first I thought he was blind but as I approached him I realized that was training Twix. I walked up and asked what exactly he was doing, and said something about all ways wanting to train guide dogs for the blind and then he handed me a card with Twix on it and I thanked him and walked off. Two weeks later I decided I wanted to train guides too, I called the number on the card and it took me to Roy. I asked if I could join and said yes! But first I had a lot of work to do which was the guide book. Something like 300 pages later I’m done and at my first meeting and talking with… David! We talked for a while and I had a hard leather leash in my hand and I looked down and there was Aziz, my first guide dog that I trained. And now Aziz is in puppy college and now I’m here all thanks to David, in I good way. Rest In Peace my friend.

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace

  1. SO sad, yet SO sweet and inspirational. You amaze me. And YES, rest in peace David, Luke’s kind friend.

    Can’t believe what a great dog trainer AND great techie AND great WRITER you are, Luke!!! wow!

    So proud of you my Bubbie.

    always xoxoxo


  2. I’m sorry for your loss, Luke. I am very impressed at your self-reflection and the kind words you have written about your friend, though. You are doing wonderful work with your dogs!

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