A Dogs Way Home!

A Dogs Way Home, by  W. Bruce Cameron

A dogs way home is about a dog named Bella who was stranded in a den and lived with cats, then people find out about Bella and called the police because they think she is a pit bull. Then Lucas comes to save the day by taking Bella home. A little while later The mean construction workers boss and the annoying animal control guy call the police! Bella is taken in but escapes the animal control and runs away. Firsts she’s found by hikers but she ditched them and then ran into big cat, a mountain lion. The become friends and hunt together, but they part ways and Bella meets a mountain climber but he gets stuck in an avalanche. Bella and the climbers dog rescue him but he’s hurt so he cont take care of Bella and his dog, so she leaves and walks over 300 miles to come back to Lucas. I really liked this book, it was a fun read, bye

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