An Open Letter to the Houston Texans

Dear Houston Texans,

Bill O’Brien you have brought good things to the Texans and kept good players: Last season you went 27-14 winning your division and losing in the divisional playoffs even without JJ Watt for the majority of the season last year.

This year in the NFL draft, the Texans you have chosen wisely towards your team’s needs including: Deshaun Watson (Clemson) for a badly needed Quarterback, D’onta Foreman (Texas) as a backup running back to increase the depth chart, and Julie’n Davenport (Bucknell) for increased size on the offensive line.

You were making a comeback then the coaching change back in 2013 messed it all up and I am wondering what caused you to get Last in your division. Then your new coach Bill O’Brien began giving the team hope by winning the division 2 seasons later and coming back ever since 2013.

Recently have still been holding up number one in the division, but some setbacks have caused your position to be at risk. Last season you lost a linebacker and a safety to free agency so you were looking in the draft this year for replacements. Also, JJ Watt was on injury reserve for the majority of the season starting in September from a back injury. Finally the most important thing your Quarter back You have gone through two of them over the last season and wasted 80 million dollars on Brock Osweiler and Tom savage. Luckily you found Deshaun Watson or you just might as well not even have a Quarterback.

Bill O’Brien has changed the Texans theses past years bringing the team out of not making it he the divisional playoffs for 10 years in a row starting in 2001. He has changed the Texans forever and has picked up my favorite college player D’onta Foreman this year in the NFL draft.

Disney Star Wars

Ever since Disney Bought Lucasfilm the Star Wars series has been completely changed!

Now it has been a little less 5 years since Disney made a bold move to buy Lucasfilm for 4.05 Billion dollars. Disney has completely reopened the Star Wars series including The Force Awakens and Rogue One which have already been released and The Last Jedi which is released this December. The Movie production has been increasingly more accelerated and by 2020 4 new Star Wars will be released. This includes The Last Jedi This December, A Han Solo spinoff May 2018,  Episode 9 2019, Anthology movie 2020. As of now the movie production pattern is spinoff, next movie in the series, spinoff…

Now that Disney has began making more Star Wars movies I am super excited for the new movies to come, because as a kid I was obsessed with Star Wars. Every movie so far has been released at either  the end of our spring semester or the fall semester, so during school I will have something to look forward to. Hopefully Disney can keep their schedule, because it seems like there would be a lot of moving parts and stress going into making different movies at once and that is a hard thing to do.

I can’t wait till December 15 for The Last Jedi!!!


Waiting for Wilderness

As the Boy watches his favorite YouTuber exploring the mountains of Colorado, He dreams about the one week time that he goes to visit his Colorado cabin and the wilderness around it.

I also go to Colorado every summer usually a week around July 4th or the  end of July. We drive up every year, which is about a 15 hour drive or 1 1/2 days and stay for around a week. Me and my Brother hike up the mountains every day mostly to get cell service or just to look at the views. Down in the valleys of Buffalo Creek there is one restaurant that has Wifi and a old gas station full of history. Our cabin has been in the family since the late 1800s and doesn’t A/C which is only bad during the middle of the day when is gets in the high 80s.

I am glad that we still own this cabin and it will make so many memories in the summer. Only 3 more months!


Breckenridge Spring Break 2017

I love to ski, but the only thing that stops me is: the distance that is takes to get there and of course convincing my parents.

I beg my parents every year before spring and winter break can we go skiing this year. This  year they finally agreed and we are going to Breckenridge, Colorado. It is a 15 hour drive broken up into two days, which will be miserable. Once we get there it will be totally worth, because on top of the good snow and views my friends Hunter and Palmer will be there at the same time as us. Us 3 can go off on our own and try to ski all 187 trails in week. This should be the best vacation ever.

In the past 2 years we have only been skiing once to Angel Fire, New Mexico which wasn’t the good, because a lot of the snow areas was ice or dirt. The majority of the day it didn’t get below freezing, so the snow melted even faster than normal. Breckenridge on the other hand has 7 ft of snow at the base and even more as you go up  the mountain. The temperatures will get into teens at night rather than struggling to get to 30 degrees. I think that i would rather drive a couple hours farther, rather than settling for bad snow and conditions.

I am glad that my parents agreed to go skiiing, because this should be the best trip I’ve ever been on.


Spring Break 2017

Every year for spring break we do something as a big family of 8. So like last year we went to Port Aransas and fished for 3 or 4 days. This year feels like a year we could do something really fun.

For this year we are going all out and going skiing to Colorado or Northern New Mexico. In my family I am the one who loves weather and geography the most, so I encouraged my parents to start planing and booking our trip before everything is filled up. My top 3 for places to ski that were close for driving, had lots of snow, and were a beautiful place overall: Ski Santa Fe with 87 inches and a 11 hour drive, Ski Wolf Creek with 115 inches and a 14 hour drive, and finally Ski Monarch Mountain with 94 inches and a 14 hour drive. My next one idea is close but doesn’t have the best snow is Ski Apache and has 61 inches and is a short 9 and a half hour drive.

Have fun Spring Break and hit the snow if you can!

Also check out my last blog post for good ways to endure a long road on the way to the slopes or the beaches or any plane ride also.


Long Road Trip Survived

So lets say it’s Spring Break and your going to Colorado to ski, but you have to drive the long 15 hour drive. What will you do during this time?

You will want to take pictures, once you get to the mountains. So first clear out 5 GB or more of storage on your device. Then you will need to get Netflix, YouTube Red, or any other video download app. Or in my case I will download all 26 episodes of the office season 6.

Each episode takes up around 100 MB, so you will have just enough storage for the whole season on your device. Once you finish watching the videos, you can delete them and have room for more pictures of the mountain views that are waiting to be taken.

Of course you can always download around 10 movies, which normally take around 400 MB. Which will give you a good 20 hours of entertainment. This will be more than enough for the whole trip. Because once you get into the mountains of Colorado you will want to look out the window at the snow. You can replenish the supply of videos, if you have Wifi at the hotel or cabin that you are staying at if you didn’t take very many pictures.

If you want to make this experience even better you can buy a nice pair of padded head phones. Also you can get a battery pack or plug into your car. Finally have a good  trip and stay entertained!

GT night at the Opera

Every year we go to the Dress Rehearsal of an upcoming opera usually they are classical operas that are based on gods. This year is different it is a comedy which I am excited about.

The Long center gives Mrs Reese our GT teacher around 500 tickets for us students in all grades and our siblings and parents completely free. You can also go without a parent and eat Mandolas at school. Then ride the bus with your friends and got the opera until. Then get back to the school at 10:30 or 11.

This opera was about a girl who had been separated from her parents and adopted by an army regiment. Later she is meet with a dilemma and has to chose between her friend who saved her life or a Duke who she is being forced to marry by her Aunt.

I think this is a really cool thing that the GT program has to offer. The opera I am seeeing tonight is the Daughter of the Regiment. It was a lot more boring and bland than the Egyptian one last year.

The Last Show

Christine strolled out on to the stage as the curtains started to close. She waved at the crowd and in return got a cheerful and hearty applause.

A moment later it had suddenly gotten dark and gasps filled the opera house as the chandelier above the stage started to sway. The gasps turned to shouts, ” run Christine” shouted someone in the first row. The chandelier started to fall and crashed through the stage, and is now lodged in between the stage and the blank space below. Behind the chandelier appeared a stagehand That was dead from being hung by a rope.

The crowd screamed and hurried out fearing for there life. The Phantom has nearly ended the Angel of music life. He did killl Andy the stagehand. The only problem is the rope that he was hung by wasn’t tied to anything or attached to anything. The opera house burned down a week later, but will never be forgotten.


The Upset in Fantasy Football

In my opinion in Fantasy Football I had a pretty easy matchup against the 7th place team. The original projections were I was projected to get 80 points and He was projected to get 55. So I was supposed to win by a significant amount, but some how I lost

It late Sunday Night I was up 87 to 93 and on Monday football was the Jets vs the Colts. The game started at 7:30 and I had the leading Jets wide receiver  Brandon Marshall . He had the kicker for the Colts who suprisingly scored 13 points. Which is an outrageous amount for a kicker. Brandon Marshall had a rough start only getting a couple of targets and a rec for less than 10 yards.

At halftime I was thinking the game might turnaround. It was the start of the 4th quarter, Brandon Marshall had already gotten 30 yards so far this drive and the jets were on Colts 19. Bryce petty was taking a shot to the end zone, which looked like it was going right to Marshall, but Anderson another receiver for the jets robed that pass. I lost my matchup 100 to 98 which is a tough loss, but at least I am still in 4 place.

Every receiver has there off day and today was Marshall’s. He in the end scored a total of 4.3 points with 8 targets, 4 receptions, and 43 yards. Stay tuned for more fantasy stories!





University of Texas Football

Recently Texas Football has beeen on the downfall losing to Kansas which is the worst team in the Big 12 conference (In overtime) and TCU 31-9. So the at Texas executives decided we needed a new coach to change things up.

Tom Herman was there first choice, who was the head coach at Houston University. He was recently fired even though He took Houston into the top 25 this year. He was offered jobs by Texas and LSU, first he was leaning towards LSU over the thanksgiving week. But that weekend LSU offered him something he didn’t like so he changed he mind. Tom herman excepted the contract from Texas a 5 million salary each year for 5 years.

Hopefully we have a better team next year, even though the D’onte Foreman who is the best running back in the country is going to the NFL. Tom Herman I wish you Luck on coaching our young football team. GO TEXAS!