April 21



Last weekend I finally got a new Pottermore account! Apparently now I’m a Hufflepuff. I don’t really know what to say, so I’m just going to do the pros and cons.

Pros: Newt Scamander was a Hufflepuff, and so was Cedric Diggory. Hufflepuffs are loyal, patient, fair, hard-working, and kind. Also, the Hufflepuff common room is right next to the kitchens, which is cool, and one of my friends is a Hufflepuff.

Cons: Hufflepuffs don’t have a huge part in the books or movies.

Also, spoiler alert: Cedric Diggory dies. ?

April 8


I’m so happy!!!!! After a long audition and lots of practice, I have finally made it into Sinfonia Orchestra.

One thing I’m super excited about is the field trip to Disney. Next summer we spend six days preforming preforming our music in different parks. We preform our music, then we get two hours of no supervision to do whatever we want.

On the down side though, Sinfonia is really well know for having really hard music, so I’m going to a lot harder than I usually do. I also have to to practice thirty minutes, five times a week. Whew! That’s a lot more work than before.

Even though there are downs, I still think Sinfonia is going to be worth it. Congratulations to Varsha, Andrew, Martina, and Nathaniel for getting into sinfonia too.

March 2

Why I’m Excited About Spring Break

It’s only a week, but I love spring break. And I just can’t wait.

One reason I’m excited about spring break is that this is the only time I get to go skiing?. I prefer going in the winter, but we usually don’t leave Texas for Christmas.

I’m also excited about spring break because of my room in Colorado. I used to share a room with my sister, and now I get my own!! My room is now the ex-guest-room.

Now you see why I’m excited about spring break.

February 9


Wow! I really hate being sick. It’s uncomfortable, and awful, and… I could go on and on. On Tuesday I got strep throat. I don’t recommend it. ?

On the plus side of being sick, I think I watched every modern spy movie yet to come. Well, minus the 007 movies. Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy, Mission Impossible 2, and on and on. Yeah, I spend my time wisely. I also got a shake! For those who havn’t tried a P.Terry’s shake, I will cry for you. They are delicious! ? Unfortunately, since I was sick, I couln’t enjoy it to to it’s full potential.

But being sick does have its downs. First, my mom won’t let me get off the sofa. As whiny as that sounds, it’s actually pretty bad. You will get really sore when you don’t move for twenty four hours. Also, the make-up work is painfull! It’s all the school work you missed and the homework from the days you missed, plus that days homework, so there’s just about triple the amount of work you usually have.

But in all, don’t get sick. A Jason Bourne movie marathon just isn’t worth it. You can do that on the weekend. Bye for now, and don’t get sick.


P.S. Don’t watch Mission Impossible 2. It’s awful. I regret my choice to watch it.

February 3

Blue Belt!

I finally got my blue belt! After a year and five months, I have gone through eight belts.

Big I’m not the only person who got a belt this testing. My sister, Zoe,  got her green belt this week. She’s been working really hard for it and I’m really proud of her. I didn’t get to see her get the belt, because I was busy doing homework. ? I mentioned her struggles on board breaking another blog here.

If I have any complaints, it’s my new board breaking technique. It’s called a hammer fist. Even though you get three tries to break the board, you need to break it the first time. If you don’t, your hand will really hurt later. I wouldn’t recommend the hammer fist to anyone.

But in all, I’m really happy I got my blue belt, and I’m counting up the belts till black.


January 26


My german shepherd, Dieter, died a month ago and we’re finally talking about getting a new dog! ?

The thing is, we can’t get a German Shepherd.? Why? Because they’re not people friendly, they’re less dog friendly, the puppys murder the furniture, they don’t do well in the texas heat, and so on. But I do love them… They’re so loyal and kind. They will love you till their dying day.

But this means, I will be introduced to a new type of dog. I was thinking a Duch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, or a Chesapeake Bay retriever. But, I need some short haired dogs on my list. Tell me your ideas in the comments below.

January 18

Taekwondo Testing

This week I’m testing for my blue belt! So many new things happening!

I’m really excited because I’m also going into the adult class. The adult is a lot harder, but I need to go. I’ve been the oldest kid for over a year, and it’s pretty ridiculous. I’ve been the oldest my entire life and it would be good to finally be slightly younger than everyone else.

Testing also scares me a little. There are so many things I have to do. The first thing I have to do is my form. Mine is called Wohn-Yo. After that is board breaking. I have to break a green re-breakable board with a palm-heel. Then, I do my four target drills, and after that, I do free-sparring. Then, I practice my self defense. Finally, I have sparring drills and we end class.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not that bad. I have so much fun with taekwondo and I’m crossing my fingers for a blue belt.

December 8

Sorry Eevee

My last post was a post on Eevee. I was wrong to say that Eevee was the cutest Pokémon ever. Rockruff is equally cute and adorable. I still favor Eevee, but Rockruff comes in a close second.

Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc, Lycanroc has two forms; Midnight and Midday. I like Midday a lot  more. Midnight is kinda creepy. Sorry, extremely creepy. The red-eye thing is just scary to another level.

My friend, Varsha, found a Shiny Rockruff and it was so adorable! When it’s shiny, it turns blue and has green eyes. Quite adorable. A new method for shiny chaining Pokémon is S.O.S calling. This new mechanism is when a Pokémon is on low HP, it calls for a friend to help take down your Pokémon. It is a tow-on one battle after that. When one of them faints the Pokémon usually calls for help again. Each time a new Pokémon is called, the chances of finding a shiny is increased.

Sadly, her Cubone critical hit hit the Rockruff because of Pokémon refresh. Pokémon refresh is like Pokémon Amie. When the Pokémon adores you it will sometimes live on 1 HP, get rid of status conditions, and critical hits wishing to be praised. Cubone wished to be praised. The Rockruff fainted ? .


Varsha helped me with this post. I have no knowledge of Pokémon anything. You have no idea how little I know. This is all on Pokémon Sun and Moon.

December 2



This is what we do when robotics gets boring. Which is like, almost never. This was a first in a long, long, time. It took thirteen tries (I counted). Just click on the img0608 tingum above. Varsha helped. Actually, it was her idea, so yay her!