I am nature,
beautiful nature.

I am the grass that tickles your toes.
I am the water when you turn on the hose.

I am the clouds that stretch beyond your eyes.
I am the bugs that you call flies.

Did you know I make you live?
It is all because of what I give.

I coil my branches and sprout leaves.
I grown in your garden in a form you call weeds.

You give me love,
but you kill my doves.

Why do you hate me so?

2 thoughts on “Nature”

  1. I confess that I do hate weeds, and I pull them up by the roots when they invade my flower beds 🙂

    Enjoyed this poem very much!

  2. Hi Makenzie,
    My name is Kayley and I am from Ms.Smiths class of grade 6 and 7. I really enjoyed your poem the first part when you said “I am nature” made me wonder what nature looks like. You painted a picture in my head at every part but you painted the picture in my head the most when you said I am the clouds that stretch beyond your eyes. Hope you write a new poem soon!

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